Power Publisher’s New Release – The Adventures of Dara by Tanya Chatterjee

If not the youngest narrative in the current genre of the current tradition of Indian fiction, one of the very few is Tanya Chatterjee, a nine year old girl, who, after her earlier ventures in short stories, has recently penned a whole novel, The Adventures of Dara.

Kolkata, India, February 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Little Tanya takes her much loved fairy tales as the source material of her story. The protagonist of her book is a brave elephant, Dara. She is a pretty brave warrior in King Saber’s kingdom. She is loved by one and all in the kingdom for her enormous courage. Though mere an animal she is, Dara is quite capable of understanding human feelings and sentiments. And she loves the princess of the country most. They have some intuitive understandings for each other. All were quite happy in their life. But, gone are the good old days. The little princess of the country encounters dangers one followed by another.
She is about to be charmed by a monstrous witch. Now, comes her good old friend, Dara for her help. She applies all her intelligence and strength to understand the following dangers posing threat to the innocent princess.

But, after all, she is nothing more than a naive animal. She may be mighty and courageous. But, people conspire and fight not only with strength and courage. And, there are also the sly monkeys, the ancestors of human beings. They are also trying to tease the princess. How can Dara fight them back, who are far more agile and intuitively gifted with cleverness? Can she tackle the disobedient monkeys? Van the princess be, at last, saved and brought back to her palace? May there come any help from the animals’ planet to a human being of royal blood? At this level, the otherwise, fairy tale comes to challenge the long constructed position of superiority for the human beings, who is supposed to dominate others without their consent. Other animals are denied of their choice and freedom of living for just one reason, or rather pretext; which is that of so-called intelligence. This innocent narrative digs up the issue of the taken for granted superiority of the human race. This is worth exploring, indeed.

About the Book :
The Adventures of Dara
Author: Tanya Chatterjee
Price: Rs. 199
Pages: 48
ISBN: 978-93-81205-84-6

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