Solid Macro Conditions Expected in 2012 Despite Likely Volatility

Updated report from Investing Daily refreshes advisory outlook on 5 high yield stocks that pay dividends.

Falls Church, VA, February 16, 2012 --( Due to policies enacted by the Federal Reserve, we are in the most accommodative market for issuing corporate debt in the last 30 years. This has created an environment where capital intensive/dividend-paying industries continue to build and buy cash-generating assets, which, in turn, will fuel more dividend growth. It also ensures that these companies will not be vulnerable even if a collapse in Europe temporarily tightens credit conditions.

At the same time, worries about a slowdown in the global economy have kept companies’ operating and financial management exceptionally conservative, which has kept growth insulated against turmoil around the world. So long as the US economy continues to grow, earnings will be in place to meet and beat expectations.

Meanwhile, investors’ lack of conviction that stocks can actually go higher, and especially that underperforming stocks can possibly recover once they sell off, has created an environment where a lot of stocks are selling as though financial collapse was inevitable, including more than a few that have increased dividends at least once in the last 12 months.

The findings are the result of an ongoing investigation into dividend-paying stocks by industry analyst Roger Conrad for his investment advisory service, Utility Forecaster. The findings are summarized in his updated report, High Yield Stocks That Pay Dividends–one of the 14 special investment advisory reports currently available for free on Investing Daily.

“We believe that market conditions in 2012 will be significantly different than they were in 2011. We wanted to provide individual investors with a comprehensive guide that will allow them to invest confidently in the upcoming year,” said Roger Conrad.

The report details the dynamics of high-yield dividend paying stocks that Roger Conrad believes will outperform the market in the coming months. “I wanted to educate the investment public about the macroeconomic conditions in these markets, but I also wanted to give them actionable advice that they could profit from, which is why I included five stock picks in the report as well,” added Roger Conrad.

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Nikita Goldovsky