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OrthoSensor’s™ Intelligent Device for Knee Replacement Surgery Leverages Bayer’s Medical Polycarbonate

Anaheim, CA, February 17, 2012 --( Surgery requires precision. OrthoSensor’s™ new Knee Balancer provides precise, quantitative intraoperative data on soft tissue balancing during total knee replacement surgery. Until now, surgeons had to subjectively determine the amount of pressure to apply to a knee implant. This intelligent device uses sensors and wireless technology to provide real-time, evidenced-based data to the surgeon to optimize the positioning and balance of implants. By giving surgeons the ability to quantify adjustments intraoperatively, the OrthoSensor Knee Balancer contributes to improved patient comfort and prosthetic longevity.

OrthoSensor had several criteria for choosing a material for this innovative product, including biocompatibility, superior strength and support from the supplying company. Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s Makrolon® Rx1851 polycarbonate fit the bill. This medical grade of resin is compliant with FDA-modified 10993, Part 1. It also possesses desirable properties, such as improved flow, lubricity, easy release and strength. Bayer’s ability to provide custom color formulations for its Makrolon polycarbonate solidified OrthoSensor’s choice.

The OrthoSensor Knee Balancer is available in four translucent colors – brown, green, blue and yellow – each indicating a specific surgical size. The devices can also be used with four shim sizes that correspond to these colors, which increase the thickness of the device allowing for variations in patient anatomy. The OrthoSensor Knee Balancer, which is the only device of its kind according to OrthoSensor, was launched in late 2011 and is commercially available in the United States.

“The OrthoSensor Knee Balancer is a revolutionary, intelligent orthopedic device, so using a high quality, reliable material was of paramount importance to us,” said Erik Herrmann, OrthoSensor’s Director of Product Development, Surgical Balancing. “Both the performance of the material and the support provided by Bayer have gone above and beyond our expectations.”

“We value all of our customer relationships and will work with our customers to help ensure satisfaction,” explained Bruce Fine, market segment leader, Medical and Consumer Products - Polycarbonates, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. “In the creation of OrthoSensor’s Knee Balancer, we worked with an adhesives formulator and molder to safeguard the integrity of the material and assure that OrthoSensor’s high standards were met.”

About OrthoSensor, Inc.
OrthoSensor, Inc. is an innovative medical device company developing and commercializing intelligent orthopedic devices that provide real-time data to surgeons and hospitals during and after surgery. OrthoSensor’s intelligent orthopedic devices utilize advanced sensor and wireless communication technology with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes and reducing the cost of treating musculoskeletal disease. The company’s intelligent orthopedic instrumentation and implants are designed to enhance surgical implantation, as well as enable remote monitoring of implant function and overall musculoskeletal health.

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