As Gulf Coast States Recharge After 2011 Drought, Planning Continues

Houston, TX, February 28, 2012 --( 2011 saw record-breaking drought conditions in much of the Gulf Coast. At the height of the drought, nearly 88 percent of Texas was experiencing exceptional drought conditions according to the National Drought Mitigation Center. In general, gulf states have improved markedly in recent weeks. About 23 percent of Texas, 0 percent of Louisiana (down from a 3-month high of 40 percent), 0 percent of Mississippi, 2 percent in Alabama (down from a 2011 summer high of 12 percent) and 0 percent of Florida (down from a 2011 summer high of 23 percent) is currently experiencing exceptional drought conditions.

“What we saw in 2011 along the gulf as well as past drought conditions in other regions of the country has motivated states, municipalities and companies alike to lessen exposure to drought events,” Water Details LLC, a Houston-based water market intelligence firm states. “An example of this is the 170,000 acre feet Glade Reservoir project in northern Colorado. Discussions are underway there to determine the future of at least four other projects that look to improve the state’s retention capabilities either through expansion of existing reservoirs or construction of new ones as a way to provide water to an expanding population in an area largely dependent upon snowpack levels.” States are also looking at ways to allow for greater flexibility for rights owners to allocate water, Kansas being a recent example.

"These and similar projects that we track represent hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, but the market does not always move on such a large scale," Water Details LLC added. During unprecedented drought conditions, states and municipalities often scramble to locate resources and not only volumes of water. Equipment needs in the form of watering trucks, tankers and pipeline equipment are often of vital importance during a drought event. “Throughout the south, and this is an ongoing issue, we hear from our clients about immediate needs for water-related equipment. In some areas of the country, the focus is on medium to long-term planning as population centers expand, but in others, seasonal needs often make the equipment market very dynamic.” As some states recharge their reservoirs, benefiting from a wet winter, and exit drought conditions (subscribers access downloadable charts at participants in the water market continue to plan water management strategies.


Water Details LLC is a water market intelligence firm based in Houston, Texas. Its team of analysts include experienced professionals with degrees in environmental science, chemistry, biochemistry and statistics. Published bi-weekly, the Water Details Report provides clients with up to date information regarding developments in the water market. The report tracks projects, utility contracts and other water-related developments. The firm also maintains client profiles in the Water Details Marketplace to connect clients with customers for their water-related equipment and services.
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