Dedicated SMS Numbers Now Accept Voice Forwarding

SMS provider Red Oxygen now offers voice forwarding for customers with dedicated numbers.

Palo Alto, CA, February 17, 2012 --( In 2010, Red Oxygen, global leader in SMS text mobile marketing technology, developed dedicated phone numbers for customers to send all their messages from the same phone number. Dedicated numbers help subscribers identify the company sending the text messages since the same number will send and receive all subscriber texts. Now, if a subscriber calls the dedicated number, the phone call can be routed back to an office or home number for them to reach the SMS sender.

The SMS provider recently invested in voice forwarding to meet growing customer needs. “Not long after Red Oxygen started offering dedicated numbers, we realized customers also want the ability to call the number,” says Tom Sheahan, CEO at Red Oxygen. “The new voice forwarding option opens a whole new area that wasn’t previously available. Subscribers that call the dedicated number can now connect with the company that sent the SMS.”

“Prior to dedicated numbers our customers used a random pull of numbers to send and receive texts,” says Roland Castillo, technical support at Red Oxygen. “I received a number of calls from new customers asking if they could use their office phone number to send SMS messages. Now with dedicated numbers and call forwarding, we can offer that solution.” According to the company, dedicated SMS numbers are popular in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

“We’ve had a number of people already ask for voice forwarding, I expect that more customers will sign up for dedicated numbers now that it’s available,” says Castillo. For more information about voice forwarding, visit and click Live Assistance, or call to speak to a representative and setup a free trial.

About Red Oxygen

Red Oxygen is one of the world’s leading developers and distributors of enterprise SMS software and services. Combining the power of email applications, instant messaging clients or CRM applications with the convenience and mobility of text messaging, Red Oxygen’s products allow users to send text messages to specific individuals or entire lists. Red Oxygen software is available for Microsoft Outlook, IBM’s Lotus Notes, IBM’s Sametime, Windows, as well as web based and CRM custom integration.

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