Rebranding the Branding Business

Brands for the people opens its doors to change branding while helping to change the world.

Vancouver, Canada, February 18, 2012 --( Local entrepreneur, Andrea Shillington has left a successful career in the world of international corporate branding to open up Vancouver’s first creative agency online, Brands for the people. It’s a fresh approach developed through a co-creation process aimed to help small business achieve their goals through a holistic branding process focused on more than just logo design. Brands for the people aims to help startups serious about standing out from the crowd, and who want to bring some good into the world.

“I collaborated with creatives to develop both the business model and the technology platform behind Brands for the people,” said Shillington. “The collaborative approach was vital to ensure we attract and retain established freelance designers, and the crowd-sourcing model enables us to tap into a global market of skills and keep the services affordable.”

After spending several years working abroad, Shillington, who grew up in Victoria, BC, moved to Vancouver and began freelancing for a local branding agency. It wasn’t long before she connected with Vancouver’s burgeoning community of altruistic entrepreneurs, which in turn lead to an introduction to the growing variety of sustainable and health centric products and services readily available in the city. From these connections Brands for the people began to develop.

“I grew tired of helping the rich get richer,” continued Shillington of her former career in corporate branding. “It was exciting to talk to visionary local entrepreneurs who want to have a positive effect on the world and make a profit. Brands for the people is here to help with the first steps in that process; deciding how they will stand out from the crowd and get the word out about who they are and what they stand for.”

The design phase of the branding process is done through a unique online matching system that is like a hybrid between an online dating site and a logo competition site. This unique platform helps small businesses connect with designers that not only meet their budget, industry type, and required skill sets, but also are a fit in terms of style and personality as well.

“I have hand-picked each of the designers in our system from around the world,” said Shillington. “We have creatives who have worked as creative directors for global brand consultancies - in the corporate world they would be charged out in the hundreds of thousands for a brand identity design - and local Vancouver startups can benefit from their expertise at a fraction of the cost.”

For Shillington, starting up by starting over translates to practicing what she preaches. “I dream of guiding thousands of startups to become world famous brands. My ultimate vision is to help these businesses profit while also doing Good.”

For more information or to book a free consultation call Brands for the people at 778-883-5141, toll free at 1-888-847-7378 or


For more information contact:
Andrea Shillington
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About Brands for the people

We've trimmed the fat associated with branding agencies and built our business online. Our software platform matches startups with rock star designers so that small businesses can afford to buy brands not logo designs. We believe logo is a four letter word, which is why we've developed a series of strategic online resources freely available. Our process is for startups serious about standing out from the crowd and bringing Good into the world. We are called Brands for the people because that is what we stand for.

About Andrea Shillington
Andrea gave up the corporate world to pursue her passion to help startup businesses become world famous brands. Before creating Brands for the people, Andrea was a brand consultant for several years in the Middle East, Europe and North America. She worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from rebranding the UAE's federal governments to re-branding hospitality groups. After returning home to Vancouver, Andrea re-discovered the startup community and wanted to find a way to make strategic branding affordable. Going much deeper than logo design, Brands for the people was born to help startup businesses with a vision to change the world.
Brands for the people
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