Kampyle Feedback Solutions Affirms Value of Net Promoter Score for Online Business

In its newly published e-book, Kampyle explores how the Net Promoter Score, a customer satisfaction and loyalty metric widely used by enterprises, can be integrated into the online business environment.

San Francisco, CA, February 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Kampyle, a leading enterprise feedback management provider, recently released a new e-book that introduces “Net Promoter Online”, an effective way to measure, track and improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and experience for companies conducting business online. Kampyle’s research clearly validates Net Promoter Online as an actionable metric and platform for driving change and business growth.

The new e-book draws from Kampyle's experience with clients who have successfully brought their NPS programs to the web using Kampyle’s NPS integrated feedback forms, and demonstrates how any company can seamlessly leverage NPS in the online environment.

You may download the e-book here: https://www.kampyle.com/forms/get-file-ebook-net-promoter-online

The e-book is intended for executives and managers who are:
· Looking to create customer centricity throughout their organization.
· Exploring how the Net Promoter system can be used to improve online performance and increase digital ROI.
· Already using NPS for their offline activities and want to incorporate their Net Promoter program for their internet assets.

Ariel Finkelstein, CEO of Kampyle noted that “Kampyle has always provided companies with the means to simultaneously measure customer satisfaction while discovering its underlying root causes. With many of our enterprise clients already working with NPS, we are pleased to support them with our feedback platform to do the same for their online assets. In our Net Promoter Online e-book, we discuss challenges that arise and suggest solutions to maximize the benefits that can be gained by measuring NPS in the online world.”

To download the e-book, copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

About Kampyle:
Kampyle (www.kampyle.com ) enables businesses to optimize their website, generate leads and significantly increase their sales. Kampyle's software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution collects visitor feedback, captures real contact details and delivers actionable data to sales and marketing teams. Kampyle has enabled over 50,000 companies to use online feedback for gaining insight into user behavior, enhancing product and service offerings, generating leads and converting up to 45% of the visitors who leave contact information. Kampyle has processed more than 12 million feedback forms in over 60 languages in 191 countries.

Zev Schonberg