Every Door Direct Mail™ by Taradel Helps NJ Pizza Shop Increase Sales 47%

Tom Nuscis, a pizzeria operator from NJ, uses Taradel.com to launch successful Every Door Direct Mail™ marketing campaigns - online.

Richmond, VA, February 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- In 2010, Tom Nuscis knew he had to do something to keep his pizza business profitable. With the slow economy hurting sales, and the added difficulty of operating within a seasonal beach town, Tom decided to take matters into his own hands.

After searching for help online, Nuscis landed at Taradel.com, where he quickly learned that other pizzerias were using direct mail advertising to acquire new customers.

In December of 2010, the restaurateur placed his first order for menu mailers using the website. From there, he worked closely with Taradel's creative team and marketing professionals to develop a powerful new menu featuring aggressive offers and coupons.

"Their ideas for creating different nights for in-store promotions, while offering coupons for lunch hour customers... all the ideas put together have made this a huge success," said Nuscis.

After finding initial success using traditional direct mail marketing (with mailing lists, etc), a new small business-friendly program was introduced by the USPS.

This program is now known as the highly-acclaimed Every Door Direct Mail™ service.

Using the turnkey program, Every Door Direct Mail™ by Taradel, Tom was able to cut costs by as much as $0.10 per piece compared with the traditional method of mailing using a list.

In other words, Tom saves approximately one-thousands dollars on every mail campaign to ten thousands local homes and businesses.

"The $0.29 per home direct mail campaign from Taradel has been more than affordable, and more than effective. To date, from last year, our sales are up 47%," said the proud pizza owner.

Recently the pizza operator used his smart phone to record a video discussing his success. Watch Tom's online EDDM video to learn more.

With EDDM™, advertisers don't have to wait for customers to find them. Instead, advertisers can pro-actively target and mail powerful offers to local households and businesses.

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