LDRA Opens Division Dedicated to Comprehensive Certification Services

LDRA creates LDRA Certification Services to help develop certification-ready products for IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO-178B, and IEC 62304 at a fixed cost using expert auditors and the LDRA tool suite.

Wirral, United Kingdom, February 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools, has created LDRA Certification Services (LCS), a division devoted to helping customers develop certification-ready products. The LCS team includes Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) and safety engineering experts, who offer product certification solutions at a fixed price. They are able to offer this client-centered, risk-free approach, based on their vast experience.

The LCS team is also aligned with world-class product development and verification specialists, who use the LDRA tool suite and other tools to address critical project requirements at the highest design assurance levels. By guiding certification applicants through the compliance process, the LCS comprehensive solution provides company management confidence that their certification efforts are accurate, complete, and fully compliant.

Leading the LCS team is Todd R. White, a systems and equipment FAA DER with Level A authority on all aircraft systems and equipment for both software and airborne electronic hardware. Todd’s expertise is flanked by Marty Gasiorowski, a systems, safety, software and complex electronic hardware FAA DER, and Dr. Holly Hildreth, a safety engineer with expertise in a wide range of US and international standards, to provide certification expertise in DO-178/DO-278, DO-254, DO-297, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 26262, IEEE 1012:2004 and CENELEC EN 50128. The team is well known and highly regarded in the certification community, playing an instrumental role in crafting the RTCA DO-178C standard.

“Todd and his team have a stellar reputation in the certification community, earning recognition from certification authorities, government agencies and industry leaders alike,” confirmed Ian Hennell, LDRA Operations Director. “Their collective expertise and policy-making experience in all phases of software, hardware, system development, verification, configuration management and quality engineering assures certification applicants that industry standards will be interpreted and applied correctly.”

LDRA’s leading certification technology, developed over nearly 40 years of helping clients achieve certification readiness, provides a suite of tools fine-tuned to the needs of safety-critical markets. From requirements traceability to analysis, unit testing and validation, the LDRA tool suite supports certification objectives at all levels of design assurance. Widely-used certification templates and checklists establish standard-specific processes that allow applicants to meet management, development and verification objectives at a fixed price.

“LDRA has earned a strong reputation in the certification community by developing a suite of world-class certification tools that not only help certification applicants produce fully compliant products, but help them produce safe products, too. That is the goal. They have earned this reputation over many years of helping companies show compliance,” commented Todd R. White, FAA DER and LCS Team Lead. “It’s an honor to work in close affiliation with LDRA in this effort to empower companies with the expertise and resources needed to outline a correct plan of action that can then be carried out with confidence. Such an approach offers the most effective way to minimize certification risk and its associated cost.”

Hennell confirmed, “We look forward watching the LCS team, combined with the field-proven LDRA tool suite, aid certification applicants across industries as diverse as avionics, automotive, industrial and medical to adopt superior development processes and programming standards. With best-of-breed expertise and certification tools, companies will be brought to certification readiness using methodology that is guaranteed to reduce risk, time and development costs.”

The comprehensive LCS solution is complemented by a team of safety-critical software and electronic hardware development and verification specialists. This renowned team has over 10 years’ experience designing, building and/or testing products that meet the rigorous DO-254 criteria. Using the LDRA tool suite, this team has expanded its capabilities by bringing in top industry practitioners to develop and verify software in compliance with DO-178B/C and IEC 62304. All work is performed at a fixed price.

LCS verification and certification services can be applied across industry standards in various vertical markets. Certification services include: avionics (DO-178B/C), industrial safety (IEC 61508), automotive (ISO 26262), medical (IEC 62304), nuclear power (IEEE 1012:2004), and transportation (CENELEC EN 50128) systems.

Todd R. White and other DO-178C Committee Leaders will be offering an LDRA-sponsored, 3-day training event on DO-178C entitled “Learn DO-178C from the People Who Wrote It!” on March 13–15 in Ontario, California. The training will focus on the recently published DO-178C, DO-278A, DO-248C, and Technology Supplements. Those interested in attending please visit: LearnDO-178C.com.

The full capabilities of the LDRA certifiable support packages will be demonstrated at Embedded World in Nürnberg, Germany from February 28 to March 1 in Hall 4-410. Come to the stand to see how a software project can achieve certifiable readiness through requirements traceability from requirements creation through development and validation for the certification standard you need.


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