Television’s Richard Lloyd Takes Sole Credit for the CBGB’s Scene

Agoura Hills, CA, May 18, 2007 --( “CBGBs is the most famous rock ‘n roll club to have ever existed and I (edit) created it,” said Lloyd to blog moderator Jim Slade.

In a bizarre and often R-17 rated interview with the popular rock music discussion blog, Rock Town Hall, Richard Lloyd of the punk/new wave phenom Television, takes sole credit of the creating the famed CBGB’s scene in New York.

“Sadly, that was one of the more coherent statements that Mr. Lloyd gave us,” said Slade.

Other choice words include-

“Would you like to (edit).”


“Insignificant little writer! I could crush you like a small beetle, and iridescent colors would come out. It would be very pretty. It would be worth your death.”

The complete unedited interview can be read on Rock Town Hall,

Rock Town Hall
Jason Sikes