Can Using Golfing Gadgets Really Improve Your Golf Game?

How using golfing gadgets can improve your golf game and year round golf fitness. For all recreational golfers - from just beginning golfers to low single figure handicappers – the term "Golfing Gadgets and Accessories" covers anything from golf swing training aides, discount golf and sports equipment, total golf fitness and the golf accessories and gift market, all the way through to indoor practice putting greens.

Banstead, United Kingdom, February 20, 2012 --( Can using golfing gadgets really improve your golf game? "Well, that very much depends on which golfing gadgets are being used and for what purpose," says Alan Whitehead, owner and creator of the newly launched comparison and informational website - "" – which, although based in the leafy golfing county of Surrey in the UK, has an international appeal.

"For example," Whitehead goes on to explain, "take the huge advancement in technology in recent years of golf course GPS mapping systems. With some of the more advanced models, all a golfer has to do is turn it on and the unit automatically knows which course and hole they are playing. Now that really is useful! There’s also the added bonus when using one of these GPS units that they will definitely help speed-up the overall pace of play – and that’s got to be a good thing for everyone’s game!”

At the age of 62, and playing off a useful 10 handicap, Alan Whitehead decided to set up Great Golfing after becoming a little weary of forever receiving what were thought to be "nifty little golfing gadgets" from well meaning, but non-golfing, friends and relatives. For birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, in fact virtually every occasion thought suitable by said friends and relatives to dip into the inexhaustible golf accessories gift market.

Not to be misunderstood, Whitehead is at pains to point out that, even though he is highly appreciative of his friends and relatives efforts at sourcing what they believed to be very reasonable golf gifts, as he now ruefully admits, “an awful lot these "nifty gadgets" are actually quite useless to the avid golfer and are often very soon discarded; if indeed they are ever taken out of the wrapping!”

“The whole purpose of this new 'Great Golfing' website,” says Whitehead “is to highlight some of the more useful items that a keen golfer would really appreciate. For example, there are some really innovative golf swing training aides available to help eradicate such deadly swing faults as 'coming over the top', 'reverse pivoting', 'misalignment' as well as cures for 'slicing' and 'hooking' the golf ball, and a lot more besides; if only one knew where to look and, just as importantly, which gadget would be most appropriate.”

Whitehead further explains “This new website is therefore dedicated to all the recreational golfers out there, whatever standard they may have reached – from just beginning golfers through to low single figure handicappers – to help them improve their overall golf game (and year round golf fitness) using a selection of really useful golfing gadgets and accessories that actually `does what it says on the tin.’”

Whitehead sums up by saying “each article or post on the 'Great Golfing' website deals with a wide variety of different topics; each one focussing on providing in-depth research and information to provide real solutions to the many problems experienced by golfers of all standards around the world.”

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