Print on Demand Services Offer Creative Individuals an Opportunity to Sell their Artistic Creations on Many Different Products, Worldwide

Overland Park, KS, May 19, 2007 --( Curious Dreams, an innovative animation, graphic design and art studio, announced that it's offering their newest collection of artworks through, one of the fastest growing online art sites on the internet.

Working with her husband in developing this unique art, Beverley Herrick says, "With ImageKind and other print on demand companies like Printfection, CafePress and CustomFlix/Amazon, they have made it possible for artists like us to offer our art and designs on a diversity of products online worldwide. We would never be able to do this just a few years ago. The printing and broadband technology has progressed so much that the traditional way would be too cost prohibitive for the average person."

The idea behind the company's artworks is to introduce participants to a form of visual art(s) that teases the mind's eye. The symmetrical patterns and intricate details of the artwork compels the participant to focus, slow down and become part of the visual experience. They have an unusually powerful effect on those who view it. A visual journey into color, shape and texture. The collection of eye-catching, unique artwork designs provides individuals, curators of art for; corporate lobbies, hospitals, art directors, interior designers or for any space that provides viewer participation and appreciation in a pleasing yet stimulating atmosphere.

"You cannot find these unique and original works of art and designs at your large discount retailers. The process of negotiations, time and the money needed to get your art and designs into the meg-a-la-mart is very slim at best. The print on demand company does it for you, from setting up your online store and selling our products from t-shirts and apparel, household gifts, art prints and even DVD videos without producing an expensive inventory or worrying about order fulfillment and distribution. The artist/designer spends his or her valuable time on what they do best, creating their unique art," says Roch Herrick, co-creator.

Roch and Beverley Herrick are graphics designers and animators whose work has been used by prominent clients throughout the US.

Curious Dreams
Roch Herrick