Insert or Remove Inline Network Devices with the Model 6296 Fiber Optic Bypass Switch

The Model 6296 single mode LC duplex fiber optic bypass switch enables the user to insert or remove devices that are linked together in a series within a network link.

Cranston, RI, February 23, 2012 --( Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, has announced the Model 6296 single mode LC duplex fiber optic bypass switch. This switch is ideal for inserting or removing devices that are concatenated, linked together in a chain or series. The Model 6296 allows the user to quickly and easily establish the required connections to/from a device in order to include it in a network. Alternatively, the Model 6296 allows the user to quickly and easily break all connections to/from a device in order to exclude it from a network.

In the Normal position the switch connects A to B and connects C to D allowing equipment connected to the B and C ports to be brought into the network. In the Bypass position, the switch connects A directly to D, isolating equipment connected to ports B and C from the network.

Local control is via a front panel pushbutton. Front panel LED’s display switch position and power status. When power is lost, the switch reverts to the Bypass position. When power is restored, the switch automatically switches to the Normal position. All fiber optic ports are LC Duplex Angle Polished Connectors, single mode, 9/125 micron, and support a wavelength range of 1310nm to 1610nm. The Model 6296 employs MEMS-based mirror/prism switch technology and supports Gigabit data rates.

The switch comes complete with a UL approved wall mount power module, 120 VAC, 60 Hz, that supplies 12 VDC, 500mA to the unit. The power module has a 2-prong US non-polarized plug. An optional Wide Range Power Module, Catalog No. 517277, is also available. This wall mount power module, ideal for international applications, is CE, RoHS and UL listed and features 100VAC/240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz and an IEC 60320 C14 inlet.

The dimensions of this sleek Rackmount Model 6296 fiber optic switch are 19.0” W x 1.75” H x 8” D (48.3 x 4.4 x 20.3 cm). The switch weighs approximately 4.5 lbs (2.0 Kg).

The Model 6296 is offered to state and federal government users at a discount via GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V. This switch is available for export. For more information on the switch, contact Electro Standards Laboratories, 401-943-1164.

Electro Standards Laboratories
Jeannette Gouin