Verified Insurance Leads Made Possible by, nation's leading insurance leads provider made it possible for insurance agents to receive verified insurance leads.

North Hollywood, CA, May 19, 2007 --( has developed new technology that connects sellers with qualified insurance buyers in real time. Millions of Insurance buyers request insurance quotes online, but not all of them are looking to buy insurance. has created a new technology that automatically calls prospects to verify the intent to purchase insurance. After the verification process is complete, prospects information is automatically e-mailed to agents in real time. helped insurance agents increase sales and achieve a better closing ratio.

Let's face it, Do-Not-Call lists, expensive Yellow Page ads, and unreliable advertising makes it harder to market insurance. Online insurance leads have become the most successful source of increasing insurance sales. Insurance agents don't want to waste time calling on bad insurance leads. Good closing ratio is even more important than lower prices of leads, so the Quality Control is’s main focus.

When a prospect requests an insurance quote through ,’s state of the art system matches it with insurance agents’ pre-defined criteria and immediately e-mails them prospects information.

Insurance agents can buy leads without the fear of fraud or of paying too much for poor quality leads. provides a variety of management tools to customize leads to support any product, and any selling style.

Instead of searching for leads via cold calls or paying for unqualified leads, agents now have a smart alternative. The new technology by improves on the industry average 12 percent lead to sale closing ratio. With the new technology, insurance agents are now taking advantage of a 47 percent lead to sale closing ratio. This has improved revenue for the agents, as well as time efficiency. supplies all of the technology and infrastructure for this new system. With a concentration on efficiency and security, insurance agents never have to worry about down time or paying for unqualified leads.

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Frank Minak