First Radio Campaign for Projex Group

Koster Waterproofing Systems at the Home Improvement Show on 2GB

Banksmeadow, Australia, February 24, 2012 --( Projex Group have just launched a new radio campaign for their Koster Remedial Waterproofing products. The objectives of the campaign are to inform people about the solutions available for rectifying problematic water leaks and also salt staining/efflorescence on tiles, masonry etc.

Every Sunday, the listeners of the Home Improvement Show on 2GB (873AM) will hear and learn more about the Koster waterproofing products. A special number, 1 800 112 111, has also been activated for everyone who wants to place an order.

The Koster KD System and Polysil TG 500 will interest tradesmen and strata managers as well as the DIY handyman.

The Koster KD System seals against both pressurized and running water from the negative side. Environmentally friendly, the convenient KD system kit can easily fix leaking carparks, basements, cellars, water tanks, swimming pools, etc. It can stop running water leak within seconds!

The Polysil TG500 is normally used to solve problems such as salt staining to tiles, slab ends, cement render leaching etc. On salt-containing & on damp substrates, the product leads to a reduction of the pore volume & thus decreases the danger of new development of salt efflorescence. This useful and proven solution also increases the chemical & mechanical resistance of masonry substrates.

The Home Improvement Show, on air on 2GB every Sunday from 9am to 11am, is for anyone who wants to make sure their DIY efforts do not end in disaster. The show is full of handy hints, safety tips, information on common building problems.

Projex Group Pty Ltd now has a new user friendly website. For more information about our products or to order online, please visit or contact us on 02 8336 1666 or


About Projex Group

Founded in 1988, Projex Group is an Australian leader in providing technical solutions for the waterproofing and engineering industries, providing solutions for all range of residential, commercial and industrial projects. The company works with architects, designers, project managers, and owners to structure the very best protection against water, impact, industrial liquids, solvents and corrosion risks.

Projex Group supplies waterproofing solutions (Wolfin, Cosmofin, Koster), protection matting (Shockmat), pipe and cable penetration seals (Link-Seal, UGA) and Ballast Matting (Sub Ballast Matting).

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