Syncdocs Enables Access to Google Docs Offline

Syncdocs is a new app for PC users that enables them to access their Google Docs when offline.

Sydney, Australia, February 25, 2012 --( A major problem for cloud computing is what to do when no Internet is available. Enabling offline access to cloud data is important. Google recently announced Google Docs for Android, which enables mobile access to Google Docs content offline. Syncdocs now does the same thing for PC users.

Syncdocs lets users store copies of their Google Docs on their PC. When they go offline, these files are accessible via normal office suites installed on the PC. When users go online again, any changes made are synced back to Google. Changes can also be synced between different PCs.

“Google Apps is a great productivity tool. However, it fails when you have no Internet access,” says Donald Recsei, Syncdocs’ product manager. “Syncdocs steps in when the Internet is down, so you can keep working.”

For easy collaborative work, Syncdocs also supports merging of changes from various users. It can even merge changes between desktop and cloud users. If multiple users make edits to a document concurrently, these changes are merged. For example, a user can edit a Google Doc offline using Microsoft Word, and then merge these changes back into Google Docs.

In addition to offline access, Syncdocs now also features:
• Simpley use Google Docs as a Google Drive on your PC
• Sync of any folder or file up to 10GB in size
• Selective syncing gives full control over which folders are synced
• Mirroring of Google access rights on the PC
• Backup of cloud files to a local server
• Migration of data to Google Apps

The full version of Syncdocs is free. Users are only charged when syncing a large number of files. The free download of the latest version of Syncdocs is available at or via the Google Apps marketplace.

Donald Recsei