Steers Digital Content Users Away from Megaupload-Type Disasters

The recent FBI raid and closure of file hosting giant should act as a warning for all users of digital content regarding the legal consequences of using illegal digital materials. has released a guide to help internet users steer clear of this legal minefield.

Bellevue, WA, February 27, 2012 --( Going back several years and spanning several jurisdictions, the recent FBI raid and closure of should be a sobering reminder to all online businesses who host digital content and more importantly users of digital content regarding the legal issues that revolve around digital content. Obviously not all digital content is illegal. There are many free open source software and also royalty-free materials available online.

The root of the problem

The problem lies when users are unclear regarding what kind of content is allowed for them to modify or recreate. Another problematic area where there is a lot of consumer confusion about is the issue of archival copies. Finally, Megaupload was operating an incentive-based upload system that was open to abuse. Users might find themselves ensnared by such similar types of arrangement. To help users of digital content online avoid all these legal hassles,, the internet's leading consumer and technology authority website, has released a guide to help users avoid intellectual property legal issues online.

Keep the law in mind

"The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) solved some problems, but it also caused a lot of new ones," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for "A simple truth of the matter is the DMCA protected platforms and websites that foster online communications up until the few years after the DMCA was passed. However, it can be argued that the DMCA really has not kept up with the pace of internet technology, in particular the massive explosion in user-generated content," said Thompson. Indeed user-generated content involves all array of activities online from social media sites to blogs and to all points in between.

The unpredictable result is the DMCA, according to its critics, afforded protection to rights owners too little and too late. With the rise of massive data lockers and file storage services online, it is fairly easy for consumers and website operators to get ensnared into illegal hassles involved. "The legal landscape online has become quite murky. You can be in good faith thinking that you are creating a parody but due to your misunderstanding of the law, you might not be protected. There are other activities online that on its face seem legitimate, but due to the development of technology, you might end up in legal hot water. That is what our guide seeks to prevent," said Thompson.

The guide is located at and it spells out the issues regarding the DMCA and provides key tips to help users of digital content online to steer clear of legal trouble.


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