Helps MMORPG Players Balance Their Lives

MMORPGs are very addictive. They can take up a lot of your time. They can easily throw your life out of balance. There are many important aspects of a person's life that competes for their precious time.'s guide helps MMORPG players attain some semblance of balance. - April 25, 2012 Tackles the Sensitive Issue of MMORPG Addiction

MMORPG addiction is an "acceptable addiction." That is what makes it so harmful. Acceptable addictions are still addictions and they still cause personal pain and personal harm. has issued a comprehensive guide on how people suffering from World of Warcraft addiction, Star Wars: The Old Republic addiction and MMORPG addiction can realistically beat their habit. - April 24, 2012 Issues Anti-Scam Guide for MMORPG Players

Online scams have also infested the fantasy realms of MMORPGs. has published a guide to help MMORPG players avoid becoming victims of common scams. - April 13, 2012 Issues Consumer Guide on MMORPG Gold Farming

Regardless of what you feel about gold farming, many MMORPG players are trying their hand on it. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. For purely informative purposes, there is no right or wrong way. There is an efficient and inefficient way to do it. has issued an informative guide on MMORPG gold farming. - April 12, 2012 Steps Consumers Through the Wonderful World of MMORPGs

Before you decide to invest your time and resources playing massively multiplayer online role playing games, read the guide issued by so you can see the advantages and disadvantages of paid subscription games and free to play games. This information can greatly impact how well you invest your time with these games. - April 10, 2012 Helps Marketers Find the Right Twitter Success Metric

Using the wrong success metric at Twitter will end only in disappointment. Using the right metric will help you set the right expectations and this will greatly influence your overall success with Twitter. has written a guide that will help you do this. - April 04, 2012 Explains the Marketing Death of Twitter Direct Message

The direct message feature at Twitter is a powerful direct communication tool. Unfortunately, the abuse of spammers caused the de facto death of this function as a marketing tool. has released a free guide explaining how this function works and how spammers killed it. - April 03, 2012 Issues Twitter @ and # Marketing Guide

Twitter's reputation as a marketing platform continues to grow by leaps and bounds. "Unfortunately a lot of this is based on wishful thinking and misrepresentation. There has been a lot of unwarranted hype regarding the marketing power of the @ and # feature," said Oliver Thompson, eReviewGuide representative. issues a realistic and truthful guide on how to use this feature to spread your message. - April 02, 2012 Steers Twitter Users Through Abusive Twitter Marketing Methods

There are many ways spammers abuse Twitter. Read this guide so you can be aware of and avoid these spam methods. - March 22, 2012 Helps Marketers Use Twitter Properly

Twitter is many things to many people. However, it is a very powerful marketing tool if used properly. has released a guide that helps would-be marketers approach and use Twitter the right way for optimal results. - March 21, 2012 Steers Digital Content Users Away from Megaupload-Type Disasters

The recent FBI raid and closure of file hosting giant should act as a warning for all users of digital content regarding the legal consequences of using illegal digital materials. has released a guide to help internet users steer clear of this legal minefield. - February 27, 2012 Demystifies SEO for Beginners

Search engine optimization is often described in mystified techno babble terms. Many people are intimidated by this form of online marketing. has released a clear, easy to follow and concise guide on how novices can optimize their websites for search engines. - September 22, 2011 Releases Facebook Marketing Guide

Facebook, according to Wikipedia, has over 750 million active users. It is a very powerful marketing tool. However, most people that try to market using this platform fail miserably and end up spamming their friends, loved ones and the general community. has released a positive, value-driven and value-building guide on properly marketing on Facebook. - September 21, 2011 Destroys Online Business Pipe Dreams and Scam Riches has issued a realistic and practical guide in starting your own online business. Don’t be fooled by easy come-on-for online businesses. - September 19, 2011 Prevents People from Burning Themselves on Facebook

People share all sorts of sensitive information on Facebook, information that could harm them either immediately or in the future. has released a sensible, practical and effective guide in helping people prevent harmful disclosures on Facebook. - September 14, 2011 Releases Photo Manager Software Guide to Keep Photo Collectors from having Chaotic Collections

"There are just so many ways to take photos now. Because it’s so easy to generate pictures, people are having a tougher time managing all the photos they have on file," says Thompson. has released photo manger software guide to help consumers through the selection process of picking software used to manage these large photo collection. - September 13, 2011's Digital Media Studio Guide Helps Ease Multimedia Headaches

Many consumers now generate numerous photos and videos throughout their experience using the internet, using digital video cameras and other media capture devices. has released digital media studio software guide to help consumers pick the right digital media studio software which helps them manage their photos and videos. - September 12, 2011 Explosion in Online Fraud Provokes Drastic Action releases crucial information regarding increasingly shocking and clever online scam schemes. This guide helps consumers avoid becoming victims of such schemes. These drastic steps are fairly simple and require key changes in attitude. - August 26, 2011 Releases Network Security Prophylactics

Protecting your computer from internet and network-based security threats involve many layers of protection. Each layer is a prophylactic. The network security guide outlines these prophylactic layers for maximum network security and protection. - August 25, 2011's Privacy Software Guide Can Save Your Marriage, Your Money or Your Job

The more people use the internet, the more their private information becomes vulnerable to exploitation, unauthorized access, or attack. Browsing websites or searching the internet leaves a lot of information that can pose dangers to your relationships or your job. It can also make you run afoul of certain criminal laws.'s privacy software guide helps you select the right privacy software to keep your privacy intact online and offline. - August 23, 2011 Deciphers Encryption Software Mysteries

Encryption software is fast being viewed as the final layer of protection against security breeches.'s newly released encryption software guide helps consumers find the right encryption package that matches their particular situations and prevents them from overspending on bloated software. - August 22, 2011 Releases Wikipedia Survival Guide

Wikipedia is a very powerful tool but it can also be prone to abuse and misuse.’s Wikipedia users and editors guide steps would-be Wikipedia readers and editors through several key tips that they need to know to be able to use Wikipedia to their maxim advantage. - August 18, 2011 Debunks Top Graphic Design Software Myths

Graphic design software is one of the more expensive software suites available in the market. The likelihood of wasting hundreds of dollars and thousands for future updates is quite high if a person subscribes to top myths for graphic design software. releases its graphic design software guide to debunk this expensive myth. - August 17, 2011 Cuts Through Confusing Disc Defragmentation Labels

Disc defragmentation is a very important operation for any computer system. It maintains the data integrity of information stored on hard drives. However, many disc defragmentation software available in the market often have confusing labels regarding key features and this leads to consumer confusion. The's new disc defragmenter software guide cuts through the confusing labels and focuses on operations to help consumers find the right disc defragmenter software. - August 16, 2011 Helps illustration Artists Save Money

One common way graphic artists lose money when buying illustrator software is when they overpay or underpay for software. Overpaying for software means buying a package that has features you won’t use while underpaying for software means buying a package that doesn’t have the features that you need.’s new illustrators’ software guide helps you pick the right package for your needs, thereby saving you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars through the years. - August 09, 2011 Clarifies Desktop Publishing Mysteries

Getting the right desktop publishing software for your particular needs might become quite an expensive proposition if you are not careful. The new's guide for desktop publishing software clarifies a lot of the mysteries surrounding this specialized category of applications to help would-be desktop publishers find the best solution for their case. - August 08, 2011 Empowers Web Surfers to Benefit from the History of Web Browsers

Learn from the tumultuous history of web browser development to boost your computer's security against Internet-based threats. has released the definitive guide on web browser selection that effectively knocks the teeth out of security issues arising from bad browser selection. - June 14, 2011 Parental Controls Evolve to Block More Than Pornography and Adult Content

The biggest online threats children face today arise from social network sites. While many parents remain focused on blocking porn from their households they might be ignoring greater threats to their children's safety. - June 13, 2011

Prevent Data Loss with Latest Data Recovery Software Guide

Besides data corruption and viruses/malware, human error is probably one of the most common sources of data loss. released a data recovery software guide which helps users find the best recovery package that matches their particular usage patten and needs. - May 31, 2011 Nuance Releases PDF Converter Software for Mac OS X

Leading software downloads authority, releases their newest listing and review for Nuance PDF converter mac version. The review steps users through the differing considerations to keep in mind with Nuance PDF converter for Mac. - May 26, 2011 Exposes Moral Hazards Present in Data Backup Software's newly published Data Backup Software guide identifies key factors that defeat the effectiveness of some data backup software packages and helps readers prevent future data recovery costs and hassles. - May 24, 2011 Proves FTP Software Selection is Not Just for Geeks Only

New eReviewGuide guide on File Transfer protocol (FTP) software demystifies remote server file management for corporate and average users. - May 04, 2011

eReviewGuide's New PDF Software Guide Clears Up Standards Confusion's PDF software helps potential buyers steer clear of PDF software standards issues that might cost them money. - April 19, 2011

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eReviewGuide: More Software Reviews and New Computer Forum

One of the challenges for sites nowadays is how to make a mark. With the abundance of resources and sites on the Internet that deals with a particular subject matter, it's difficult to make an impression. Unless you're the pioneer in the field, it would be an uphill battle to get noticed and get good visitor traffic. It may be hard, but it's not impossible. People are people, whether it's the Internet or somewhere else. - October 05, 2009

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