e-con Systems Licenses Windows CE 6.0 Camera Driver to MilDef CReTE Inc., a Leading Rugged Handheld Supplier

e-con's advanced S/W camera driver to MilDef CReTEs’ end-customers will meet the ever-increasing demands on a variety of their rugged handheld platforms.

Ballwin, MO, February 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- e-con Systems Inc., a Windows Embedded Gold Partner specializing in development of advanced customized camera solutions and related services, has recently licensed its Windows CE camera driver source code to MilDef CReTE Inc. Taiwan. The customer, MilDef CReTE Inc. is a leading manufacturer of rugged handheld computing devices. The rugged handheld contains e-con’s camera module featuring Omni Vision’s image sensor and e-con systems’ Windows CE camera driver.

“e-con Systems has been providing us with good technical support and high quality camera driver source codes. This enables us to accelerate our new system development process ahead of schedule. With e-con Systems’ quick response and reliable technical support, we can focus our efforts on core technology improvement and development,” said Ms. Janice Liao, Program Manager, MilDef CReTE Inc.

e-con Systems has been working very closely with OmniVision and has been using the OV sensors from VGA up to 5Mega Pixel. In addition to general purpose image sensors, e-con Systems works on specialty sensors from OVT such as High Dynamic Range sensors for outdoor usage, 720p HD and 1080p Full HD sensors for security and surveillance applications, and CCD replacement sensors for low light ambience etc. e-con has built a strong technical support-alliance with OmniVision to provide world-class customized optimal solutions and consultation services to the customers.

“By licensing the camera driver source from e-con Systems, MilDef CReTE Inc, can customize the same for meeting the ever-increasing demands from its customers on variety of their rugged handheld platforms and also pass on the benefit of e-con’s advanced camera driver to its end-customers,” said Mr. Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems.

e-con Systems offers a bouquet of services to its customers on camera integration, provides various camera modules ranging from 1.3MP to 5MP, camera module customization, image tuning services, camera device driver development in Windows CE, specific lens options & customization services.

For more information on e-con’s camera modules and camera boards please visit www.e-consystems.com/cameramodule.asp and www.e-consystems.com/cameraboard.asp.

About e-con Systems:

e-con Systems, acknowledged by Microsoft as Windows Embedded Gold Partner has a dozen MCTS professionals and also South Asia's only Microsoft Most Valuable professional (MVP). e-con Systems has work experience since WinCE 3.0 and provides the much sought after technical support.

e-con offers services like Windows CE BSP porting, Windows CE driver development for various peripherals including camera, Windows CE BSP development and finally development of products that run Windows CE. Some of the products include IP cameras, Low vision aid equipment, point of sale terminals and handheld data loggers.

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