New Book Ecce Homo: the Human-Alien Debate Released by Arizona Pastor

Author and Pastor, T.A. Brown is pleased to announce his book, Ecce Homo: The Human-Alien Debate. This work tackles the lingering question, “Are we the only ones in the Universe?”

Phoenix, AZ, February 26, 2012 --( Mounting evidence indicates a high probability for other intelligent life forms out there somewhere. This has immense implications for mankind from both a cultural and a Biblical standpoint.

Ecce Homo was written to prepare the Christian community for the inevitable disclosure of alien intelligent life on Earth. Such a revelation will significantly impact the whole human community. This book attempts to cover the ground of questions and give the reader a firm grasp on answers. The chapters include such titles as Chimpanzee Genes, Biological Engineering, The Myth of Alien Species, and An Alien Cosmology.

This is a Christian take on the issue of alien life forms. It's not judgmental; it's reflective and objective. The popular evidence is reviewed, along with fringe theories. It attempts to finally answer the question: "Are we alone?"

Book Information:
Ecce Homo: The Human-Alien Debate
Author: T.A. Brown
ISBN: 978-0-578-09333-8
Publisher: Thomas A. Brown
Published: October 2011
Pages: 214

About The Author
T.A Brown is a pastor of 40 years. He's written twelve books, including 2012: First There Was Fire. He holds a B.A. in psychology and an M. Div. in Pastoral Ministry. He has been bi-vocational throughout his career, having worked as a carpenter, surveyor, EMT, and fire fighter. He has four adult children, and he lives with his wife Margaret at their home in Show Low, AZ.

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Author, T.A. Brown