CACEP Adds an Internet Website to Spread the Word of their Mission

In response to the devastating effects that natural disasters, political unrest and daily extreme poverty has on Central American families and children, CACEP was born to help.

San Francisco, CA, May 20, 2007 --( CACEP the website is created to reach a global audience with the concerns of children pre-maturely being pulled out of schools to provide cheap labor work force in the agriculture and industrial arenas in Nicaragua and other Central American countries.

Tom McMullen COO of CACEP says “This allows our voice to reach a global audience reaching outside our inner circle bringing awareness and giving others opportunities to explore supporting children to a broader audience.”

CACEP works with partnerships in Central America and its people to promote Educational opportunities for the many under-privileged school aged children- dedicated to providing care and funds to families, and abandoned children who would other wise not have the same opportunities without funding. Its reach expands from the rural countrysides to the very impoverished barrios in the big city.

Central American Children's Education Projects
Thom Mc Mullen
415 374-3911