BundleBaazi.com - a New Shopping Store with a Unique Shopping Model for Customers

Delhi, India, February 27, 2012 --(PR.com)-- BundleBaazi, a combination of two words Bundle and Baazi, is a new ecommerce web site that allows you to create a bundle by selecting two or more items in or across different product categories or BundleBaazi stores, and get an exciting discount on the bundle.

BundleBaazi.com defines a bundle as a cart with two or more products added with an intention to buy in a single purchase.

BundleBaazi.com has inclusive inventory across its different store fronts: Baby store, Mom store, Book store, Electronics store, and (the recently launched) Beauty store. As a customer, you can create bundles across these categories and get discounts based on the total purchase. It seems to bring online the "near-home" shopping experience—the more items you buy from the shop, the greater the overall discount on the purchase.

BundleBaazi is not about single item purchases, it is about Bundling. Consequently, BundleBaazi.com’s attractiveness becomes immediately apparent when the customer adds two or more items to their Bundle. Customers can observe their discount amount increasing as they add more items to their bundle.

BundleBaazi.com is different from other ecommerce web sites in the core business model, which is "bundling." It has a patent pending bundle pricing concept that is its competitive niche and makes it completely different from a simple plain and vanilla shopping website who have a simple strategy for a customer who buys one product or customers who buy many products at once.

BundleBaazi helps the online shoppers to save money when they are shopping more. BundleBaazi's punchline "The more items you add to your bundle, the greater the discount" also means the same.

BundleBaazi Online India Retail Suppliers
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