A Soldier's Most Important Piece of Equipment is their Socks

A few years ago we heard that our troops were receiving inadequate equipment. The Hum-V's weren't steel reinforced and the flack jackets were far from bullet proof. We all assumed that their needs have been taken care of in that area but you would be shocked to discover that some of their more basic needs are not being met.

Southwest Ranches, FL, May 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- A small web based business blackandwhitesocks.com a company that sells socks has within the last two weeks gotten several requests for boxes of socks from Church organizations and individuals who want to send socks over to our troops. Just the other day they handled a call from a Doctor from Arizona who contacted them for an order. A friend of his serving in Iraq told him that the troops were only allocated a small amount of socks. They spend hours on their feet in harsh desert conditions. There are no facilities and not enough water available to launder their socks. Their only hope is to throw away their old socks and put on new ones. The PX makes them available but they're very expensive and the soldiers have to buy them themselves.

The Doctor asked them to include a note in the shipment. It read, "Thank you for your service from Dr. Bruce, M.D. World War II veteran and US Navy Corpsman."

Blackandwhitesocks.com has put together a discounted price for a box of 144 pairs of black socks 12 doz. for $144.00 which is only a dollar per pair. Shipping to an APO or FPO is $33.00 and they manage all the details. If you don't know who to send it to they will handle that as well. There is also a link on their web site to the "Soldiers Wish List" in case anyone would like to see other things our troops may need.

Kenneth Cimetta