Powercom Launches WAMBO - Next Generation End to End Smart Water Metering Solution, with Advanced Functionality Helping Water Utilities to Unlock Full Smart Grid Benefits

The smart grid water platform provides utilities with a clear, low risk route to realize all the benefits of upgrading to a smart grid system.

Ramat Hakovesh, Israel, February 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Smart grid end-to-end technology leader, Powercom Ltd. has launched a platform enabling water networks to upgrade to smart grids by utilizing multiple technologies perfected for use on electricity smart grids. The platform is a complete “end-to-end” solution providing data collection and control of the water supply grid based on a fixed network utilising two-way, unlicensed RF communications. The complete system comprises of several elements within the single eco-system: a data management system housed at utility data centres, smart meters, concentrators, pressure control devices, and intelligent consumer monitoring solutions, all within a flexible interoperable open platform.

The WAMBO system pioneered by Powercom is built around bi-directional RF communication which is the first generally able two way smart meter designed to support the highest reliability and the ability to remotely upgrade firmware, control flow, pressure, valves, electricity pumps, and temperature, etc., in real-time.

The system is a robust architecture, providing an accurate, cost effective way for utilities to adopt smart metering and to expedite the benefits of money saving water management technology. The manifold benefits to utilities of deploying the system is in part provided by its battery life expectancy of up to 20 years, its single axis, anti-tamper features and automatic alerts.

Powercom’s WAMBO system has been able to provide considerable savings for utilities. For instance, the cost of upgrading the existing mechanical water meter system has been significantly reduced as a result of being able to install the smart register inside the body of existing mechanical meters. Furthermore, it has been identified that leakages can be reduced with the use of the electronic controller that dynamically analyses actual demand and automatically reduces pressure as appropriate. With the near real-time data on consumption utilities now also have the tools to achieve considerable savings by shifting some pumping operations to off-peak tariff periods, and receive data about the extent of leakages for making decisions regarding investment in the replacement of infrastructure.

Water network operators are able to enjoy enhanced visibility and automatic control of the water grid through the central software which collects hourly data, and generates automatic alerts to the system operators (SMS/Email/Fax) concerning leakages, pipe bursts, low-batteries, as well as tampering attempts. Consumers are also provided with visibility and access to consumption data via a variety of channels (customer portal, in-home display, SMS or Email) and receive automatic notifications when user specified consumption levels are reached or when leakages are detected. In certain countries where permitted, utilities also have the option of installing smart pre-payment systems, allowing the utilities to remotely control essential elements.

About Powercom:
Powercom is a world-class provider of smart meter/smart grid multi-utility solution platforms. Powercom has received extensive recognition for its exceptional PLC performance, having achieved 100% communication in real-time. Powercom has deployed its solutions in over 18 countries over the past 3 years. For more information and partnership inquiries, please visit www.powercom.co.il

Joseph Wittman