Calltracks Limited Reduces Setup Time with Call Tracking Software Upgrade

Calltracks Limited, a leading UK call tracking company has reduced the setup time of its software by automatically recording keywords. Typical setup time is now under forty minutes.

Northampton, United Kingdom, February 29, 2012 --( Calltracks Limited, a leading UK call tracking company has been tracking phone calls from on and offline sources for eight years. They were one of the pioneers of the industry and their software has provided call data to a diverse mix of clients.

As part of their ongoing commitment to new and existing clients Calltracks Limited has upgraded their call tracking software to record keywords automatically. This greatly reduces setup time of the call tracking software, and ensures accuracy.

“Prior to the upgrade we used to feed in the keywords manually. This was ok but it relied on the client knowing what keywords to use, and it did take a few hours,” said CEO and founder Stuart Buckley. “Now it’s different. Once our tracking codes are on site our call tracking software records the keywords automatically. Typical installation time is under forty minutes.”

As before, Calltracks Limited’s call tracking software will not affect the appearance or functionality of a website. It works by putting a simple tracking code on site, similar to Google Analytics.

Many companies have begun to realise the benefits of recording the sources of off and online phone calls. This data can be used to determine marketing spend and to redirect budgets to where ads are generating business.

“We are the cheapest call tracking company in the UK, and now with our new installation time we are one of the fastest.”

Calltracks Limited tracks calls for a range of marketing and SEO companies together with companies in the auto industry, travel industry, and sports industry.

About Calltracks Limited (
Calltracks Limited is a UK based company founded by CEO Stuart Buckley in 2004. Though the industry was in its infancy it quickly earned a reputation of reliability and accuracy for tracking phone calls generated on and offline.

As keyword call tracking has expanded, so has Calltracks Limited offering a range of services from call data and analysis, call tracking, staff performance measurement, and call recording.

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