Brittain's Healthcare Media Group Developed iMed-PR Marketing Group for Medical Practices: Helping Them to Gain Needed "Buzz" for Their New EHR-EMR Implementation

Welcome to Brittain's Healthcare Media Group & iMed-PR Marketing Group, where Public Relations and Marketing for your small to mid-size practice will receive comprehensive, professional, effective and persuasive marketing functions for their practice. Whether its digital education, direct mail marketing, flipbooks, press release writing, interview preparation, scheduling online appearances, podcasts or webinars, Tracy T. Brittain will help catapult your business into the mainstream.

Chicago, IL, March 02, 2012 --( iMed-PR Marketing Group is seeing hospitals and clinics all over the country plan to implement EHR/EMR systems for quality patient information technology. Professional writers can catapult a medical practice into the mainstream marketplace. Patient awareness and marketing is essential for the medical practice to compete in the marketplace.

Let's start by stating the obvious. Health care is a highly competitive field. When relying solely on drug companies, prosthetic manufacturers, and other third-party handouts to provide the information for ads and fill the waiting-room information rack, what’s missing is a golden opportunity to define the practice as an advanced, top-tier member of the medical profession. iMed-PR Marketing Group develops brochures, email blasts, posters, informational pamphlets, direct-mail postcards, website blogs, newsletters, and patient surveys, can be incredibly effective in building your practice's brand and establishing public awareness as an authority.

Marketing Niche
It's in the crafting - the aim - delivering key messages.

They enhance your voice, disseminate the correct messages and advocate your thoughts. In delivering your messages, they talk a language that takes you to various levels of communications with one sole purpose - to set you apart from your competitors. They make your practice the voice of authority. This kind of mindset is not prevalent in the business of public relations. It's more than just giving out a well-designed business card or highlighting a great smile. Moreover, hosting a party and giving away nice gifts - will not make you the talk of town. Maybe you'll be remembered for a while but, what is important is the art of consistency.

Brand Messaging Niche
iMed-PR Marketing Group helps physicians “bridge the gap” between passion and profitability by ensuring the practice is surrounded by optimum opportunities -- in the office, in the online and new-media marketplace, in the traditional advertising arena, and beyond.

iMed-PR Marketing Group , is a full-service health care marketing and medical advertising agency that specializes in medical practice marketing such as dental marketing, hospital marketing, optician, chiropractic, and psychology marketing.

The healthcare industries forte is health care. iMed-PR Marketing Group will boost the health of the practice with solid marketing expertise that includes designing and applying strategic marketing and public relations solutions to the specific issues separating you from your goals.

Call iMed-PR Marketing Group at 312-254-5094 for a complimentary phone consultation. There’s a free assessment that will be offered to see exactly what your practice needs to successfully market your implementation for Electronic Medical Records.

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