Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is Making Donor Oocyte Cycles More Affordable

Parker, CO, February 29, 2012 --( Rocky Mountain Fertility Center has just announced that they are offering a new infertility treatment package for patients that need donor oocytes in order to conceive. This new package will significantly decrease the cost of a donor oocyte treatment cycle. Because Donor oocyte IVF cycles are so expensive, often costing close to $30,000, many patients are unable to afford this treatment therapy when they need it. In order to help patients pursue their dreams of parenthood, Rocky Mountain Fertility Center has started to offer an optional donor oocyte treatment package that involves the recipient, receiving only 50% of the eggs retrieved for their own use, the remaining 50% will be donated by the egg donor to the Rocky Mountain Fertility Lab Egg Bank. This package will result in substantial savings without compromising success rates. The Anonymous oocyte donor used in these split treatment cycles will undergo ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. The mature oocytes that are removed from the egg donor, are then split equally between the recipient and the RMFL egg bank (If there are an odd number of oocytes the recipient will receive the extra oocyte). In order that the recipient receives only good quality eggs, ICSI must be utilized in these split cycles.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is a full service fertility clinic with an on-site IVF and andrology lab. The clinic was founded on the principles of high success and individualized attention. Due to the ongoing success of the practice, Rocky Mountain Fertility Center can offer price reductions on some treatment packages and still provide high quality care to their patients.

The clinic’s nurses, embryologists and administrative team are devoted to the practice of treating couples or individuals needing assistance with their fertility. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center has built their success on the experience, professionalism and kindness of its team.

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