Insure4USA Publishes Safety Tips to Help Motorcycle Riders Avoid Accidents

Columbus, OH, February 29, 2012 --( College students and other people who prefer short commutes by motorcycle in order to save fuel and money have plenty of options to economize on motorcycle insurance as well. However, safety must come first. In a recent article published by, a leading online insurance service, the company highlights a few tips on safety that can go a long way in reducing insurance bills. The article highlights the potential dangers that motorcyclists face with a number of fatalities that can often be prevented if not avoided. One of the essential checks that every motorcyclist ought to go through prior to hitting the road includes type pressure and possible damage to the tires, lights, indicators, brakes, and gears. Failure to do so could result in being involved in an unnecessary accident.

David, manager of, an avid motorcyclist himself, emphasizes the need for protective gear even when traveling short distances. David says, “A helmet can be a saving grace in many accident situations. Of course, this doesn’t mean wearing any old covering but one that conforms to safety standards. Used helmets are definitely something to avoid. In addition, protective clothing is equally important. There is always the risk of being badly injured without protective clothing that also doubles up as a shield from harsh weather conditions. Wearing bright and reflective clothing makes a rider adequately visible as well.” With riding under the influence a major cause for concern, it is equally important for riders to refrain from consuming alcohol and drugs that can severely impair a person’s judgment and only result in suspension of their driving license.

While there are many safety issues that riders often ignore, it is definitely time for riders to pay attention, a small act that can not only save their lives but reduce their motorcycle insurance bill significantly as well. David adds, “A little extra precaution can go a long way. Bikers need to be alert at all times and over time, learn to anticipate car movements before changing lanes. Following the rules is imperative, and the only way you can follow them is if you learn them well. This is an issue that is most often ignored and sadly the cause of many accidents. Therefore, need I say more? Of course, driving at the right speed is one of the first rules to follow. No matter what, check your brakes before you head out on the road.”

To access the full article, readers can go to where they will find plenty of safety tips and ways to procure affordable insurance. Use our easy to use comparison tool to compare motorcycle insurance rates from top-rated insurers.

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