Sergeant's Unleashes Fiproguard™ MAX and Pronyl OTC™ MAX Flea and Tick Control

Omaha, NE, February 29, 2012 --( Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. has unleashed the latest technology available for eliminating fleas and ticks. Sentry® Fiproguard™ MAX and Sergeant’s® Pronyl OTC™ MAX are the newest in Sergeant’s line up of topical flea and tick treatments. The new products maximize the power of fipronil, the active ingredient used in Frontline® products, by combining it with a second active ingredient (cyphenothrin in the dog formula and etofenprox in the cat formula.) These patent-pending, dual-action formulas deliver superior results in killing fleas, ticks and chewing lice. They are the first formulas available in retail products that deliver the synergistic protection provided by combining fipronil with a second active ingredient.

Independent clinical tests show that the combination of active ingredients in Fiproguard™ MAX and Pronyl OTC™ MAX kill fleas and ticks dramatically faster than Frontline Plus® and maintain high levels of efficacy throughout the month.*

Fiproguard™ MAX and Pronyl OTC™ MAX also significantly reduce pets’ exposure to flea bites and minimize incidences of flea allergy dermatitis, anemia and diseases spread by fleas. In clinical testing, after application of Frontline® Plus for dogs, nearly twice as many fleas bit and took a blood meal from dogs before dying than after application of Fiproguard™ MAX for dogs or Pronyl OTC™ MAX.*

Clinical test results reveal that Sergeant’s new, patent-pending formulas:
- Start to act quickly - start to kill fleas and ticks in minutes
- Provide strong residual killing power – maintain high efficacy in killing fleas and ticks for the duration of the 30 days
- Stop the reinfestation cycle - by working so quickly, the products prevent reinfestation by fleas, ticks and chewing lice
- Reduce other complications – reduce pets’ exposure to flea bites, a leading cause of flea allergy dermatitis and anemia

“Fiproguard™ MAX and Pronyl OTC™ MAX mark a significant advance in fipronil-based flea and tick products. While fipronil has been a trusted, veterinarian-recommended active ingredient for years, our patent-pending formulas’ addition of a second active ingredient raises the bar on how quickly and effectively a topical flea and tick product can perform,” stated Bob Scharf, president and chief executive officer of Sergeant’s. “We’re excited to offer our retail partners these new products and are fully committed to bringing this product to consumers all across the country.”

“We’re also very excited to be able to bring these products, which are over-the-counter equivalent to the latest technology introduced in veterinarian-dispensed products, to retail consumers without having to wait for years,” added Caryn Stichler, vice president of marketing at Sergeant’s.

“Fiproguard™ MAX and Pronyl OTC™ MAX reduce pets’ exposure to the problems that can come from fleas and ticks, including the bites themselves and the potential for disease. They make life more pleasant for many pets and pet owners.”

Both Fiproguard™ MAX and Pronyl OTC™ MAX feature four different dose options for dogs, based on weight range, and one formula for cats. Both formulas are approved for use on pets 12 weeks of age and older and are also waterproof.

Fiproguard™ MAX will be available in pet specialty stores nationwide in early spring 2012. Pronyl OTC™ MAX will be available in grocery stores and mass retail stores nationwide in early spring 2012.

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*Frontline® is a registered trademark of Merial. Merial is not affiliated with Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc.

SENTRY® Fiproguard™ MAX and Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC™ MAX contain fipronil combined with a second active ingredient. In independent studies comparing the efficacy of the combination of ingredients in Fiproguard™ MAX and Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC™ MAX to Frontline® Plus, more fleas and ticks died within the first hour after application of the combination of ingredients in Fiproguard™ MAX and Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC™ MAX. This high level of efficacy was maintained throughout the month.
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