Indoor Environmental Management Solves Severe Moisture Problem in Daytona Beach

Moisture and mold specialists at Indoor Environmental Management repair local Daytona Beach home suffering from an excessive moisture problem.

Tallahassee, FL, February 29, 2012 --( Indoor Environmental Management, Florida's expert on environmental assessment and crawl space repair, recently repaired a home in Daytona Beach Florida with an excessive moisture problem.

This moisture problem caused dry rot and mold to grow on the wood floors. The homeowners believed that the moisture was coming in through the chimney. After a thorough inspection by the Indoor Environmental contractors the conclusion was made that the moisture was actually coming from a gap between the insulation and floor joists.

Doing further investigation, the contractors also discovered that the dryer was malfunctioning and pushing moisture through this gap. This moisture caused severe rotting of the wood floors in the home. Luckily they called the right crawl space repair contractors in Florida to solve their moisture problem.

Indoor Environmental Management specializes in crawl space repair in Tallahassee and other surrounding areas. Visit them online for a free crawl space repair quote.

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