Uniastrum Bank Continues Working Relationship with Dmitri Dibrov

As of this month, the popular television celebrity is fronting two Uniastrum advertising campaigns.

Moscow, Russia, March 01, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Dmitri Dibrov is now helping Uniastrum Bank promote two of its leading products, the personal loan program Access and the Big Interest time deposit. Over the next few months the picture of the well-known journalist, TV presenter and all-round showman will be displayed on billboards, in the Moscow subway, in all Uniastrum outlets, as well as on the Bank’s website.

The advertising campaign for Uniastrum Big Interest deposit scheme carries the slogan “Watch Your Interest Grow.” Offering generous returns, Big Interest is one of the Bank’s most popular retail deposit options, enabling customers to place funds of Rb 50,000 to Rb 100 mn or the USD/Euro equivalent for a period of up to one year. Interest rates range up to 11% APR for ruble deposits, and up to 5.75% APR for those in foreign currency.

In 2011 Uniastrum’s Access loan initiative was frequently cited as the best deal on the consumer lending market. This month it was again ranked as the cheapest personal loan option available, this time by web portal Sravni.ru. The benefits offered by an Access loan are spelled out in its advertising slogan “Money for Less.” “The advertising campaign is targeted primarily at city dwellers aged 27-40 with families,” explains Margarita Gerasimova, Uniastrum’s Vice President for Marketing. “These include employees of companies using our services and individual customers looking to decorate their apartments, host wedding receptions, buy furniture or household goods, build summer cottages, take off on holiday, etc, who want a quick, no-hassle loan with minimum formalities and paperwork.”

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Kseniya Chernisheva
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