Revolutionary Web App to Cut Homework ‎Preparation Time by Half, While Improving Quality

Innovative web app decreases homework preparation time while increasing work quality. ‎Experts: "sCoolWork has the potential to substantially influence how people process ‎information."

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 01, 2012 --( sCoolWork, a long awaited innovative homework help web application, has reached beta stage and is released free of charge to students worldwide.

sCoolWork is a complete all-in-one homework preparation tool integrating a powerful text editor, a specialized search system and a rich set of additional services. This unique approach allows for three main user benefits: Decrease homework preparation time, improve students' grades and develop their learning skills.

An internet poll among students recently showed that many of them waste considerable time with unnecessary technical issues. Among the most frustrating issues were (a) filtering unwanted search results and (b) struggling with re-formatting copy-pasted material.

Users report that searching with sCoolWork brings much more accurate and relevant results than using a normal search engine. Also, using sCoolWork's editor eliminates many frustrating issues resulting from copy-pasting from the web and re-formatting content. Along with some semi-automated features of sCoolWork, users claim to have saved hours just on one essay.

sCoolWork developers state that although sCoolWork "delivers a fraction of what it eventually will," still it "saves you hours of work and a lot of frustration." Developers have also commented that upcoming features will include customizable essay walkthroughs, and a mobile app, among others. These new features are to save even more time, and further improve the quality of homework, resulting in better grades for the users.

After experiencing sCoolWork, Dr. Moti Friedman, the Managing Partner of the BrightNet Institute, noted: "sCoolWork has the potential to substantially influence how people in general, and students specifically, process information. Rather than filtering endless amounts of irrelevant data as they do today, I believe sCoolWork will enable its users to finally focus on learning and thinking and it is my pleasure to recommend it as such."

sCoolWork is developed by Skills & Knowledge Ltd. (S&K), a new start-up company from Israel's Silicon Valley. Founded in 2011, S&K provides software tools for researching and creating papers for both students and information workers in a way which is optimized to save the users' time and improve the overall quality of the document.

S&K's solutions not only help users to prepare papers, but they also truly improve their skills, e.g. by explaining the right techniques of work sequence, material seeking and processing. Thus, the more one uses S&K's software tools, the more his or her work will be effective.

Skills and Knowledge is headed by Mr. Alexander Dayan.

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