Rocky Mountain Fertility Center Announces That Nutrition Counseling is Now Available Onsite

Parker, CO, March 01, 2012 --( Rocky Mountain Fertility Center has just announced that they are now offering nutrition counseling onsite for a well rounded approach to wellbeing and fertility management. This program is part of the infertility clinic’s “healthy mind and body” approach which encourages patients to reduce stress, exercise and eat healthy to improve their success with fertility treatment.

The old adage is true—you are what you eat. Patients who have poor dietary habits will have trouble with their fertility. Changing your diet is not easy, without help. To help patients achieve success by improving their diet and developing better eating patterns for a healthy pregnancy, Dr. Deborah Smith and Rocky Mountain Fertility Center has enlisted the help of a certified nutrition counselor. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center has seen the effects of better eating on fertility success with higher treatment success rates, better oocyte quality and even improvement in embryo quality. One patient even went from having such a low sperm count that IVF with ICSI was needed in order to have a good chance of achieving pregnancy to a normal sperm count and his wife conceived spontaneously.

Patients are encouraged to speak to a staff member if they interested in learning more about Rocky Mountain Fertility Center and nutritional counseling.

Dr. Deborah Smith, MD
Rocky Mountain Fertility Center
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