Global Online Restaurant Reservation Leader EVEVE Announces They Have Now Captured 39% of All Online Restaurant Bookings in Twin Cities and Expands Into 9 U.S. Markets

Minneapolis, MN, March 01, 2012 --( In just seven months, 39% of all Twin Cities online restaurant monthly bookings have switched from OpenTable to Eveve, topping off a successful US introduction of the European-based reservation system.

Timothy Ryan, Director and President of U.S. operations, announced today that six more critically acclaimed Twin Cities restaurants – Zelo, Bacio, J.D. Hoyt’s, Ike’s, The Hanger Room and Café Maude have joined the growing list of other heavy hitters who left OpenTable for Eveve’s more affordable reservation system.

“We feel very fortunate to announce our partnership with these six extraordinary restaurants,” explained Ryan, “not only because they are six of the most highly-regarded restaurants in the Midwest, but also because they all did extensive research before making the switch. There are several alternatives out there, and the fact that they, along with restaurants like Bar LaGrassa, Hell’s Kitchen, Barrio, Meritage, French Meadow, Jax, Scusi and restaurants owned by the Morrissey Hospitality Group - chose EVEVE further proves that restaurants of all sizes trust our software to take care of customer reservations while significantly cutting overhead.” Hell’s Kitchen and Bar LaGrassa were OpenTable’s top 2 “most booked” establishments in Minneapolis, while Meritage represents St. Paul’s most high-awarded restaurant.

“At this point, we’re handling 45,000 of the estimated 116,000 monthly total online reservations in the Twin Cities,” continued Ryan, "which is notable because in this test market, we’ve already met and exceeded our most optimistic expectations, validating research that shows a huge market of restaurateurs have been waiting for an affordable alternative.”

Eveve’s cutting-edge technology, which uses cloud-based solutions, makes it easier for restaurants such as Zelo, Bacio and J.D. Hoyt’s to take advantage of critically important new mobile technologies. “As restaurants start to look into mobile websites, they realize our system will be much easier to integrate,” said Ryan, “and I think that’s another reason we’re fielding calls from all over the country. Restaurant owners not only have to cut costs, but stay on top of technology at the same time, and the fact that Eveve offers both has contributed to our careful but rapid growth.”

EVEVE’s Ryan also announced that EVEVE has entered into partnerships with restaurants in Massachusetts, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa and Canada. “We’re extremely grateful our Twin Cities restaurant partners and are very excited about being able to expand our presence with restaurant owners across the U.S. and Canada,” said Ryan.

On the international front, EVEVE announced that they have recently secured partnerships with all of the T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants throughout the country of Greece and with Piers Morgan’s exclusive Hansom Cab restaurant in London. “Greece has been a wonderful country for us and we’re thrilled to announce this expansion of our presence there,” added Ryan.

Established in 2007, EVEVE is a leading global supplier of live reservation systems and has relationships with approximately 1,000 restaurants worldwide.

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