Kenneth Rozenberg Promotes Holistic Non-Medical Services as Part of a Complete Nursing Home Therapy Program

Kenneth Rozenberg, CEO of NYC nursing home network Centers for Specialty Care Group, is currently promoting the extensive non-medical services offered by the organization for patient well-being and support.

Bronx, NY, March 01, 2012 --( NYC nursing home network Centers for Specialty Care Group, led by CEO Kenneth Rozenberg, is now promoting its array of non-medical services to potential patients and their families. With more information available at, the rehabilitation NYC group has made accessible an extensive support network designed to ensure social and emotional well-being among its patients. Creating a warm and caring environment that’s open to non-medical needs for both long- and short-term patients has become a central point of Kenneth Rozenberg’s holistic nursing home therapy philosophy.

“Our patients seek us out because our rehab centers in New York provide some of the most top-quality medical care in the area. Our kidney dialysis treatment program, for instance, is highly regarded, and is all done in-house to ensure patient ease and comfort. However, it’s important not only to focus on medical treatment, but also on patient support. Acknowledging the mental and emotional well-being of those who stay at our NYC nursing homes is an essential part of our nursing home therapy, and we’ve created a multi-part program that affords our patients personal time and care as well as making it even easier for their families to pay them a visit. All in all, it’s been a successful way to make sure the people who stay with us always feel cared for and attended to,” said Kenneth Rozenberg, CEO of the rehabilitation centers NYC network.

One primary aspect of Center for Specialty Care Group’s non-medical patient care is the beautician and barber options available to all long- and short-term residents. The NYC nursing homes play host to an on-site Style Shop, which offers professional beautician services. The Style Shop promotes both quick styling options, like trims and shampoos, as well as more extensive projects including hair coloring and perms, with barber services on offer for male members of the community. Both a quick confidence boost and a chance to relax and socialize, the beautician services form a cornerstone of Kenneth Rozenberg’s pioneering nursing home therapy.

Kenneth Rozenberg is additionally spotlighting the rehab center NYC network’s intensive discharge planning and family visitation offerings, which help ease the transitions of patients moving in and out of a long or short term rehab clinic. For residents who are leaving a center or moving from one level of care to another, discharge planning is entirely individualized and is based on each patient’s needs and available resources to guarantee maximum comfort during the transition period.

The network of rehab centers in New York is also unique for its flexible transportation services. A complimentary medical shuttle, driven by experienced, professional staff members, is available to family members of all residents to avoid worries about paying for cabs, waiting for buses, or sorting out other complicated transportation methods. The system eases the logistical strain for families and also provides patients with access to familial comfort and companionship.

For more information about the non-medical services on offer as part of Kenneth Rozenberg’s nursing home therapy, go online at or call 1-888-88-LIVE WELL. Centers for Specialty Care Group also consults for the Northern Services Group of rehab centers in New York, including the Northern Riverview facility in Haverstraw, N.Y. More information is additionally available at and

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