LITEBI Launches The SugarCRM Analytical Pack

LITEBI, the Cloud Computing Business Intelligence provider, has launched a new pack to enable companies who work with the open source CRM, SugarCRM, to extract the maximum value from their information with an analytical layer that helps them increase their sales and customer loyalty while controlling their sales and marketing performance.

Valencia, Spain, March 02, 2012 --( LITEBI, SaaS/Cloud Computing Business Intelligence platform, whose technology enables the construction of easy, powerful and affordable business control solutions for companies of any size and industry, following its philosophy of bringing technology closer to business, has launched a comprehensive and economic packed solution to allow both SMB and large companies to get the most out of the information managed with their SugarCRM.

LITEBI's last approach to today's business needs is to develop this kind of packed solutions, whose goal is to minimize the deployment time and cost of a Business Analytics solution and provide a useful service to the users of a specific software. This packed solutions are prepared and provide the data connectors and loading processes, predefined for a particular software, speeding adoption times.

The goal of the SugarCRM pack is to offer the users of this CRM the possibility to work with a last generation Customer Intelligence system, a Business Intelligence analytical layer over their SugarCRM that requires a minimum investment and a deploy time of 2-3 days.

The main advantage of a Cloud Computing Customer Intelligence system is its fast deployment and the agile integration of different data sources, which enables the communication between the multiple processes through online and user-friendly interfaces, with a unique platform that provides me all my customer's KPIs.

The benefits that the users will find with the SugarCRM pack are the following:

The main goal of the pack is to help you sell more and better by exploiting all the information contained in your SugarCRM installation.
- Easily make successful decisions based in reliable and relevant information obtained directly from your customers.
- Analyze your customer's and potential customer's behavior by monitoring all the different campaigns.
- Identify your sales and marketing processes weaknesses and strengths to react on time.
- Control your commercial activity, your salesman's efficiency, the cost of closing opportunities, conversion ratios, etc.
- Save time spent building manual reports (inside SugarCRM, with spreadsheets or with tailored apps).
- Have access to quality and updated information at any time.

In addition, on occasion of this release, LITEBI has made available the free trial of the pack for all users in a demo space, and the possibility to receive a custom diagnosis for their company to know the specific and real use of this solution in their case.


LITEBI is leading the next generation of Business Intelligence with its Cloud Computing platform. It offers advanced analytics, dashboards, data integration, alarms, and scorecards for companies of any size or industry, through a pay-as-you-go model. LITEBI is an easy, powerful and affordable BI solution.

Jose de la Vega