TransEnterix to Unveil New SPIDER Surgical System Instruments at SAGES

Platform delivers smallest incision in single-site market while replicating triangulation of multi-port systems

Research Triangle Park, NC, March 02, 2012 --( TransEnterix will unveil several new flexible instruments that complement its SPIDER® Surgical System during the upcoming annual meeting of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES).

The new flexible instruments include a Maryland dissector; a fenestrated grasper; an atraumatic wavy grasper; a suction irrigator that’s compatible with multiple systems; and a specimen retrieval bag engineered specifically for use with the SPIDER System. Like other instruments in the SPIDER family, the new tools offer surgeons 360-degree rotational flexibility.

“We’ve advanced the ability for surgeons to transmit force and torque via a flexible, catheter-based instrument,” said Rich Mueller, chief technology officer. “Thanks to counsel provided by our early adopting surgeons, the new instruments that we have developed reflect a significant step forward in realizing TransEnterix’s vision of flexible laparoscopy.”

Competing in the single-site surgery space against market-leading companies, the SPIDER platform delivers the smallest single-site incision in the market and best replicates the multi-site triangulation experience that surgeons encounter during traditional laparoscopy. The SAGES Congress takes place March 7-10 in San Diego.

“Single-site surgery offers significant potential for advancing minimally invasive surgery. While many companies have attempted to develop ports or modify rigid laparoscopic tools, we feel strongly that TransEnterix’s integrated, system-based approach is the answer to successfully preserving surgical fundamentals, such as triangulation, while being less invasive for the patient,” said Todd M. Pope, president and CEO of TransEnterix.

Several companies are vying to lead the single-site cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) market. In this, TransEnterix offers a clear advantage. With its 18-millimeter circumference, the SPIDER requires a single incision about the size of a dime, the smallest delivered by a commercially available single-port platform. It provides two instruments that can be used for retraction, compared to the one provided by competitors. Finally, it comes complete with a full instrument and accessory kit, including a specimen removal bag.

“SPIDER’s triangulation is dynamic – it happens wherever you deploy it,” Pope said. “Competitors either don’t offer triangulation or their triangulation is compromised when surgeons move farther into the abdomen.”

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Karen Stinneford