New Working Style for English Speakers by Best Teacher

Best Teacher will bring a new and creative working opportunity to all English speakers in Japan this coming April.

Tokyo, Japan, March 03, 2012 --( What’s Best Teacher?

Best Teacher provides a stage for Japanese students to create their unique textbooks online with the help of a teacher; besides, students can use voice-recording function to interact with teachers and to improve their pronunciation online.

There’s no need to schedule a lesson beforehand or to meet up in a café, teachers can reply to the messages and edit conversations anywhere, anytime with any device they feel comfortable.

New Teaching Style

Students will create their own textbooks depending on their interests online, starting from selecting a situation and asking a question. Teachers can pick up a student’s conversation as they like, and help them continue or correct the conversations. Moreover, a teacher may teach several students at the same time.

Message from CEO

To Foreign Friends in Japan:

Superior to face-to-face lessons and ordinary Skype lessons, Best Teacher can be accessed anywhere, anytime via computer or smartphone. Best Teacher is especially convenient and flexible for the people who are currently studying or working in Japan.

Best Teacher
Toshimitsu Miyachi