Charlotte Internet Marketing Firm Launches New Marketing Campaign for Outdoor Living Company

Elements of Charlotte Outdoor Living Company hired The Idea People to develop a new business brand and Internet marketing campaign at the beginning of January 2012 and enter the crowded marketplace of pond, landscaping and outdoor living design + build.

Charlotte, NC, March 03, 2012 --( A new client at The Idea People, Elements of Charlotte Outdoor Living Company, launched their business at the beginning of the year. Elements of Charlotte offers high-end landscaping design + build, pond and water feature design, build + maintenance, and everything outdoor living.

Outdoor living is a crowded marketplace, to say the least, in Charlotte. Elements of Charlotte needed immediate impact and attention in the marketplace to jump-start their new business. “We came to The Idea People because of their strong business and marketing success track record here in Charlotte,” said Joseph Hawley, president, Elements of Charlotte. “We told them that we needed impact, a strong brand, recognition and a sense that we have been in the Charlotte marketplace for a long period of time…a hefty order for sure!”

The Idea People researched brand names for the new company and locked-in with the name “Elements of Charlotte.” The brand name and design is familiar, attractive, and represents a full-service spectrum of outdoor living offerings that Elements of Charlotte was going to offer. “We were thrilled when The Idea People showed us the brand ideas and designs that they suggested,” says Hawley. “We immediately loved the name and visual appeal of Elements of Charlotte and did not hesitate to move forward.”

The Idea People immediately started launching the social media and content-focused Blog posts into the Charlotte marketplace with an Internet marketing campaign prior to the website being designed and launched. “Our goal with the early Internet marketing and social media campaign was to begin to deliver the brand name and service offering in early January for search engines and Internet browsers to begin to notice the offering,” said Jay Joyce with The Idea People. “It has worked fabulously because the marketplace was practically dormant in January and February while our social media and Internet marketing plan took hold quickly.”

The Idea People drafted content-rich Blog and PR posts in January and February offering free incentives for pond maintenance customers to sign-up early with Elements of Charlotte for their spring pond cleanouts. “The results have been absolutely amazing,” says Hawley. “We were booking pond cleanouts and pond maintenance customers before our main website was even launched!”

A keyword and content-focused Blog and PR campaign can deliver quick search engine ranking results. “Our website pre-launch strategy was to deliver focused content to the search engines via our social media and Blog posts to create a place-holder for when the main website launched,” said Joyce. “In this specific case, it worked like a charm.”

“We have booked new pond cleanout jobs, pond design and build jobs, and landscaping jobs strictly from the Internet marketing, website and social media campaigns,” added Hawley. “After our website launched, we dovetailed in with a direct marketing letter campaign that reinforced our messaging and service offering to homeowners in the Dilworth, Myers Park, and specific Charlotte neighborhoods.”

The key to a successful Internet marketing and social media campaign is focused content, consistent messaging, consistent delivery of fresh content, and extreme focus on one mission at a time. “The Elements of Charlotte success story is one more reason to how every business should focus on developing and marketing custom content to their marketplace,” added Joyce. “In addition to technical search engine optimization behind the scenes of the website, every business needs to focus on the delivery of fresh and highly-relative content to achieve the search engine rankings and sales goals that they need.”

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