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A Wheelchair Called Spazz Caused a Scandal! Why? “Think outside of the box” – says John Box

Colours N Motion recently launched its products in several European markets and some members of the media objected to the name of one of its wheelchairs, Spazz. Colours asks those of the disabled community and those who support us to join in our mission to break down the barriers of the past and rebel against all labels that hold us down.

London, United Kingdom, November 08, 2005 --( The recent launch of Colours Wheelchairs in European markets has received a hearty welcome by the disabled community. But some members of the media have focused on one of the Wheelchairs, “Spazz” because of its name, which has been labeled “derogatory” and “offensive“. Colours asks those of the disabled community and those who support us to join in our mission to break down the barriers of the past and rebel against all labels that hold us down.

Why is “Spazz” considered a bad word? Doesn’t this reflect society’s rejection and misunderstanding of the disabled community? Is it so hard to imagine a day when words such as Spazz will no longer be labels? Perhaps we can even imagine that words such as these may one day be associated with something positive?

The use of strong emotionally charged labels by those for whom they are intended, can cause the meaning to transform. Members of minority groups often use labels within the community, which are widely considered to be “politically incorrect”. This can have the effect of removing the stigma of the word and neutralizing it. Words which were once considered derogatory labels can lose their negative meaning when the community itself takes ownership. Isn’t it possible that a word that is used to label disabled people can one day lose its negative meaning?

We believe that we should not be afraid of labels or the risk of being the first to challenge them. We realize that by being the first, by being different, we also run the risk of receiving the outrage of those who are unwilling to change. But rebellious actions can also incite change. Colours is all about change and will always rebel against barriers to the disabled. Colours is on a mission to open doors that are now closed to the disabled community, to bury the labels and to tear down the barriers. If you are going to be in a wheelchair, wouldn’t it be cool to have the hottest, “badest” wheels? Why should you be restricted to wheelchairs called “Quick” or “Lite”? Why shouldn’t you be allowed to be a bit different and show the world that you are not afraid to be who you are?

Colours invites you to “think outside of the box”. Make your own decisions. Don’t worry about what others are going to say. If it is a great wheelchair, does it really matter what it is called?

About Colours:
Colours N Motion is more than just a California-based manufacturer of ultra lightweight, active wheelchairs. Colours’ goal is to lead the disabled community out of the bonds of the past and out of the labels put upon us. Colours is a disabled-operated company which leads the community by advocating for more rights, opening new frontiers and designing products that do not meet standard views. Colours invites you to see what the excitement is all about. Visit our website at and enjoy the ride! Coulors has been breaking barriers in the USA for 15 years and is now expanding rapidly in Europe. Colours invites European distributors, dealers and their customers to join us in our fight for the disabled community.

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