Beat the FiT Cuts: Solar Energy Now Available Day and Night

New Engensa Product Solves Crucial Problem of Affordable Storage for Solar Energy; Homeowners Harness 100% of Solar Energy Generated to Save an Extra £60* on Electricity and Heating Bills.

London, United Kingdom, March 03, 2012 --( Engensa, the UK’s fastest growing provider of solar and home energy solutions, today announced the availability of Solar24, a new, innovative way to store solar energy and increase the financial returns of a solar PV system, eliminating the need for expensive batteries.

Engensa’s first smart home energy product, Solar24 automatically diverts excess electricity produced by solar panels to a customer’s hot water tank rather than exporting it to the grid. Typically, around 50% of home solar electricity is used on site, whilst the rest is exported back to the grid. Now, with Solar24, homeowners can use every hour of solar electricity they generate, saving money on heating as well as electricity bills, and so boost the financial returns of a solar system by up to an additional 10%*.

Initial customer reception has been fantastic. John Spens, who was part of the pilot test commented: “On bright days, Solar24 heats our home’s hot water for free, using the excess solar power.” He added, “From spring to autumn we plan to turn off the central heating boiler altogether and use solar power to work the immersion heater at zero cost.”

“Solar24 truly maximises the utility and potential of solar energy: it not only saves homeowners money, it will support the integration of solar energy into the national grid,” said Toby Ferenczi, Engensa’s Chief Technology Officer. “By further increasing the returns of solar PV, this will bring us closer to the point where solar energy can survive without subsidy.”

Solar24 works with Engensa’s proprietary 24/7 remote monitoring service, Solar24. Monitoring both production of electricity by the solar panels and consumption of electricity in the home, Solar24 provides real-time data to help track performance and reduce consumption.

Solar24 works in all homes with an immersion heater, with prices starting from £250. For more information visit:

About Engensa
Founded in 2009, Engensa is a leading provider of home energy generation, including free solar energy installation and maintenance. Engensa’s expert team works closely with homeowners to design, finance, install and maintain solar energy and energy efficiency systems that match any budget and style. With the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry, 92% of Engensa’s customers say they would actively go out of their way to recommend Engensa to their friends or neighbours. Engensa is privately funded and headquartered in London. For more information, visit


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Note to Editors
* How we calculate the benefits
An average 12 panel solar system which uses 235Wp panels will generate around 2,400kWhrs a year when installed on a South facing roof (based on the UK Government’s SAP calculations). On average, 50% of this electricity is exported, but if instead the additional 1,200kWhrs is used to heat water, homeowners will save around £50-£60 money on their gas bills, so boosting overall returns on investment by approximately 10%.
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