New York City Security Camera Installation Leaders 360 Protection Introduce Innovative Services to Catalogue

New York, NY, March 03, 2012 --( New York City-based security camera installation experts 360 Protection have recently announced that they are now going to be offering a new broad range of security camera solutions to their business clients across the U.S. These new solutions include the installation of infrared camera for detecting intruders during times of low or unsuitable light conditions as well as covert cameras that are placed within hard-to-find areas to relay data concerning on-site activity.

Because of the company’s abilities when it comes to installing user-friendly and intuitive security systems, 360 Protection have garnered an industry reputation for helping to secure local area organizations against modern threats such as break-ins, vandalism, employee theft and more. These types are problems are becoming ever more common across the country. But thankfully Washington Heights, New York City organizations such as security camera installation experts 360 Protection are consistently stepping up to the plate to devise new solutions to help the general public and business owners to fight back.

Among the new solutions on offer within the 360 Protection catalogue is infrared security camera installation. These solutions can capture real-time events even when in the environment is in complete darkness. The company has a broad array of infrared products from customers may select, each of which is designed to suit a specific security application. And for the modern business owner concerned with day-to-day operations in their establishment, 360 Protection now offers the perfect solution through their new line of covert camera installation services. Through this solution, business owners can gain an instant understanding as to the performance of their staff for a birds-eye approach to professional business management.

For more information about the new solutions on offer 360Protection, please contact their in-house team today.

360 Protection
Stav Kimchy