Dw. Dunphy Music Video for "Your Saturday Sins" Now on YouTube

New Jersey independent musician celebrates forthcoming retrospective with music video.

Red Bank, NJ, March 07, 2012 --(PR.com)-- As a precursor to the PR blitz for the upcoming release of Reliquary by longtime bedroom pop musician Dw. Dunphy, the track Your Saturday Sins has surfaced as a music video on YouTube (http://youtu.be/4k3270Ovvx4). The track is a featured song on this retrospective of Dunphy’s more-than-fifteen-year career as an independent musician.

Reliquary finds Dunphy returning to the label where it all began, San Diego, CA’s Secret Decoder Records. Founded by Justin Vellucci, whose Life Span Of The Moth appeared in 2011 to critical praise, Secret Decoder Records released some of Dunphy’s seminal recordings in the mid-1990s as well as the solo record Buckaroo in 2002. Dunphy’s distribution arm Introverse Music was essential in shepherding the material that ultimately became this release, but this reintroduction finds Vellucci as Executive Producer and compilation coordinator. In many ways, the songs that comprise Reliquary have found their way back home in the form of this Secret Decoder release.

The song Your Saturday Sins was an immediate stand-out on Dunphy’s release Modernism and ensured it would be an integral part of Reliquary. In typical guerilla fashion, the video was cobbled together by Dunphy himself and features striking and disturbing imagery (yet is still suitable for the workplace).

“I’ve always been at odds with the whole ‘seize the day’ concept,” Dunphy said while describing “Your Saturday Sins.” “Most people take it to heart as an order to not waste time and try to make the most of your life, but others use it as a reason to make very bad decisions that come back to haunt them years down the line,” Dunphy said.

The images in the video show various men, women, and children dressed in casual clothes and gas masks, with the lyrics oozing across the screen like dripping paint. “The decisions made by some, all in the name of seizing the day, become consequences suffered by others afterward. Surely, some people will feel the effects of their own actions but, more often than not, others pay for the carelessness of the few. The images of people in gas masks really captured that whole idea in a visual way. One person starts the fight, but somehow everyone is left to clean up the mess,” Dunphy said.

Reliquary sees release in April 2012. Your Saturday Sins is available for viewing now on YouTube.com.

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