German Immigrant Releases Two New Books About His Life, Business Experience and Journey to the United States

German immigrant and author, Dieter Luloh is pleased to announce the release of two new biographical accounts of his life. One is the story of his upbringing and immigration to the United States and the other a journey of his experience as a businessman and salesman.

Chicago, IL, March 06, 2012 --( Tomorrow by Dieter Luloh recounts the author's experiences in Germany at the end of World War II, as a child and young adult in communist East Germany and his struggle to find a new life in the United States.

As a child, Luloh and his family fled American and Russian troops advancing into Germany during the waning days of World War II. Trapped in the wreckage of post-war East Germany, the family is forced to survive under the harsh totalitarian rule of the communist forces. Unwilling to face a future of grinding poverty and socialist spies, Luloh and his parents made a daring escape across the border to West Germany where he grows to adulthood and finds a wife. Responsible for a family of his own, Luloh decides to seek a better life in America. With his wife in tow, he learns English and adapts to American culture while finding success in business.

Luloh was urged by many people over the years to write a book about his experiences. Tomorrow is intended to demonstrate the kind of bravery and determination that everyday people can summon in times of hardship. Featuring recollections spanning four decades, a world war, and numerous countries, the book is designed to offer a vivid portrait of immigration and acclimation to the U.S. This was Luloh’s first book.

The Pefect Salesman? is Dieter Luloh's second book and first autobiographical account of his forty years of national and international sales experience. The author touches on the successes and disappointments throughout his career and shares his insights, thoughts and business advice.

Book Information:
Tomorrow: A journey from growing up in Postwar Germany, escaping Communist East Germany, and later immigrating to the United States
Author: Dieter Luloh
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1451570441
Pages: 156
Published: June 2010

The Perfect Salesman?: Bitterness of Disappointments - Sweetness of Success
Author: Dieter Luloh
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1456422110
Pages: 98
Published: March 2011

About The Author
Dieter Luloh was born and raised in Germany and went through the German school system learning a trade at Volkswagen. In 1969 Luloh immigrated to the US and became a great success in sales for separate companies. He ended his career as export manager for a large American company, but is now retired and writing about his experiences.

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Dieter Luloh

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Dieter Luloh