Crystal Chandelier Retailer Kingdom Lighting Presents Discounts on Its French Brass, Royal, and Galaxy Crystal Showpieces

Cheap crystal chandelier specialist Kingdom Lighting is currently promoting discounts on three of its most striking lighting collections.

Brooklyn, NY, March 07, 2012 --( Kingdom Lighting, an online merchant specializing in discounted crystal chandeliers, recently announced its newest promotions on three different chandelier collections. Available online at, the retailer is promoting its classic, rustic French Brass chandeliers; its opulent and lavish Royal crystal chandeliers; and its modern and streamlined Galaxy showpieces. Highlighting a range of over two dozen unique light fixtures in all, the recent discounts on the three collections encourage shoppers of all stripes to take the plunge and purchase a crystal chandelier.

“The French Brass, Royal, and Galaxy Crystal Chandelier collections are three of the finest that our business has to offer. Covering a diversity of styles and tastes, the three collections are being simultaneously discounted in order to ensure that our customers, no matter what their preferences, are able to find a cheap crystal chandelier of their liking. Ranging from small, subtle pieces to extravagant showstoppers, the light fixtures work for families and businesses alike, and suit both traditional and contemporary uses,” said Eliezer Mihaly, Kingdom Lighting’s CEO.

With an inventory of six select pieces, the French Brass collection captures an elegant and timeless aesthetic that is at once striking but also subtle enough not to overpower a room. Beginning at only $199, the Two Light Antique French Brass Wall Sconce is a tasteful piece featuring a heavily engraved brass center with accentuated arms, bobeches, and embossed detailing on the base. Balanced from the two lights are small halos of hand-carved crystals. The style is also carried out in the Eight Light Antique French Brass and Crystal Chandelier, which features the same heavy engraving on a central brass form from which thin, twining brass arms emerge. Now on offer for $1,249, the crystal chandelier is now discounted 46% off of its original price.

For home and business owners looking to capture a more opulent sensibility, the merchant’s Royal collection features lavish crystal chandeliers that add a generous portion of glitter and luxury to any space they occupy. The Royal Crystal Wall Light, available now for only $149.99, features the highest quality crystals with 24-karat gold plating. Deriving its name from the fact that its shape resembles a crown, the crystal chandelier boasts a ring of spherical crystals affixed to gold-plated peaks with flat crystals dripping underneath. For a truly regal look, the collection tops out with the merchant’s Contemporary Royal Crystal Chandeliers, available in both chrome- and gold-plated models. Featuring two primary crown-shaped tiers separated by waterfalls of small crystals, the pieces would look fitting in the most formal and high-end banquet halls and event spaces. Both pieces are now available for $1,999, $800 lower than their listing prices.

Also featured in Kingdom Lighting’s latest discount, the Galaxy line of cheap crystal chandeliers is a counterpoint to the tradition and lavishness of the first two collections. Featuring chrome, circular bases embedded with small spotlights, the lighting fixtures include spherical crystals suspended at different heights, which gives the impression of a rain shower. The budget-friendly collection also offers pieces like the Seven Light Planet Pendant Crystal Chandelier, whose crystals hang at varying lengths that together impart the shape of a ringed, Saturn-like planet.

To learn more about Kingdom Lighting’s newest discounts on its crystal chandeliers, visit the company online at, or call 1-877-6-KINGDOM.

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