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For those interested in watching free movies online, just announced its streaming schedule for the week of Mar. 4, 2012 on a newly enhanced website.

Deerfield Beach, FL, March 07, 2012 --( Festival of Films, which specializes in streaming full-length features as well as documentaries and free indie films, just released its latest viewing schedule for the week of Mar. 4, 2012. Located at, Festival of Films updates its selection every day, bolstering its diverse offering of shorts and clips, classic Hollywood movies, new documentaries and more. The site additionally recently relaunched, with a sleek and efficient new design.

This week’s schedule of free new movies online takes inspiration from the recent Academy Awards ceremony, featuring Oscar-winning actors, clips from award-winning films, and more. For those audience members who want to watch free full movies online, the week’s schedule kicks off with Doubt, which stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep, the newest Academy award-winning Best Leading Actress. Filmed in 2008, the movie takes place in a Bronx Catholic high school in 1964. The stern and austere settings are disrupted when the high school principle, played by Streep, accuses Hoffman’s popular priest of having inappropriate dealings with a black student. Doubt was nominated for several Academy Awards after its release and remains a penetrating and captivating film.

On Mar. 5, the streaming schedule turns to free documentaries online, highlighted by Gashole, a must-see film that, through a combination of historical detail and muckraking, exposes the greed and insidious nature of the oil industry’s inner-workings. Festival of Films’ audience can also watch documentaries online along a similar environmentally-aware theme, including The Battle for Oil – China vs. the US; Energy Shock: How Peak Oil Will Change Your Life; and a CBS report, Could oil speculation be the culprit?

Wednesday’s selection of free new movies online shifts to shorter content, presenting a handful of pieces covering extreme sports, or other pursuits that highlight the body and its abilities. Bodies in Motion and Break Ton Neck, two of the short films online, feature footage of impressive dance feats, while Universal Alchemy captures exhilarating breakdancing scenes. Experience Zero Gravity, meanwhile, provides viewers with a glimpse of Norway, Switzerland, and France as seen through the eyes of daredevil cliff jumpers.

For more Oscar-themed material, Festival of Film’s schedule of new free movies online on Mar. 8 incorporates clips from current and older films. This week, The Artist – the new Academy Award winner for Best Picture, as well as Best Director and Best Actor in A Leading Role – is set alongside Wings, a story of two pilots in WWI that was the winner of the first ever Academy Award for Best Picture.

In addition to other regular features which include the free movie sites online Current and Classic Movie Clips recurring series, Festival of Films is ending the week’s schedule with a nature documentary on Saturday, Mar. 10. Lobo: The Wolf That Changed America, which carries on the theme of wilderness and environmental preservation, is a riveting tale of man versus nature, the battle conveyed through the story of a man who came to the American frontier to pursue a wolf but instead wound up fighting for the preservation of the area’s pristine natural environment.

For more on the free indie films site, go online at, or call 631-319-0160. The site also maintains profiles on Facebook and Twitter at and, and keeps a short films online blog at

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