RES Unveils What is the Definition of, a New Definitions Site for Readers

What is the definition of love? A new web site gives definitions without all the clutter.

Ottawa, Canada, March 07, 2012 --( What is the definition of life? What is the meaning of life?

It has 14 meanings, and what-is-the-definition-of gives you the simple answer to simple questions, without a jumble of things you don't need.

After analyzing how people use existing dictionary web sites, based on data from literally billions of dictionary site visits, the people at RES realized that most dictionary sites were cluttered with things that most people don't use. They set about creating a dictionary web site with just what most people want: simple, clear, uncluttered definitions, with just a few usage examples, synonyms and related terms, in type large enough to see.

How can you look up the spelling of a word when you don't already know the spelling? The site pays special attention to spelling correction. Years of dictionary web site logs were analyzed to extract millions of typographical and other errors that people have looked up. The result is that typos and inflected forms of words are in this dictionary, showing the correction of the typo.

A leader in the area of reference web sites, RES already runs some popular dictionary sites. RES lexicographers noticed that there are two different types of users of the sites. There are those who spend a lot of time and look up several words, exploring different senses and related terms, looking for the exact word they mean, and there are others who look for the definition of a single word and leave. The first group was named "writers" and the second "readers." What-is-the-definition-of is intended as a dictionary for reader.
What is the definition of love? This web site will tell you.

What is the definition of destiny? What is the definition of anything at all. Hundreds of thousands of definitions, much more than standard American dictionaries, this web site is the place to look it all up.

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