Strategy Games – From Chess to Global Warfare – Join Fun Puzzlers as Featured Games on

Palo Alto, CA, May 23, 2007 --( Whether it’s the intense intellectual strategy of Chess, or mastering the arts of battlefield combat, strategy game players will find two excellent titles to give their brains a rigorous workout on this week. Chess and The Strategist join a number of enjoyable puzzle games for the first time on the popular “one deal a day” website for casual games.

Games available this week at, each from 50-60% off their regular price, include:
* Monday, ChessGenius ( - 60% discount
* Tuesday, Brickette ( - 50% discount
* Wednesday, The Strategist ( - 50% discount
* Thursday, Crazy Eggs ( - 50% discount
* Friday, Shoop ( - 60% discount
* Saturday, Bubble Frenzy Remix ( - 50% discount
* Sunday, Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso ( - 50% discount

Every day of the week, visitors to can download games, try them, and buy them during a 24-hour period. Then it’s a whole new game as the clock is reset and another game is available at a bargain price.

The site also offers a “try before you buy” model to give consumers the chance to try out the product before making the purchase—a feature most traditional “one deal a day” sites cannot offer because the products they offer are not digital downloads.

While the company aims to be best known for its daily deals, Game du Jour is at its core a marketing partner to game developers, giving those companies the opportunity for a rush of sales and heightened brand exposure during their products’ 24-hour lifecycle at

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Kevin Doel
Game du Jour
Game du Jour
Kevin Doel