ExecSense Publishes Webinar on What Venture Capitalists Need to Know About China Led by Oscar Ramos, CEO, DaD Asia Seed Capital

San Francisco, CA, March 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- ExecSense is pleased to collaborate with Z. H. STUDIO as an intellectual partner in producing a webinar led by Oscar Ramos, CEO, DaD Asia Seed Capital, on What Venture Capitalists Need to Know About China. The webinar is now available for download and watching on a computer, mobile device, iPod or printed and viewed offline at http://www.execsense.com/details.asp?id=4149

In What Venture Capitalists Need to Know About China, ExecSense examines everything you need to know in 60 minutes about the world of startups and private equity in China, as well as the current economic and political landscape in China and how this impacts venture capitalists. The webinar features the most up-to-date insights of leading experts and venture capitalists actively doing deals (investments, partnerships, joint ventures, M&A, and more) in China.

For complete information or to purchase this webinar, please visit http://www.execsense.com/details.asp?id=4149 or call us at 1 (855) 393-2736.

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About DaD Asia Seed Capital: DaD Asia is a Seed/Angel fund, which focuses on Internet projects. DaD Asia supports great entrepreneurs to help them achieve their business dream in a profitable manner. As an incubator, it is a complete ecosystem that creates successful projects based on internal knowledge, well-measured resources and access to the external environment. As a seed fund of Internet based projects, we offer the initial management support as well as the capital needed to develop brilliant ideas from their early stages. In the incubator portfolio, there are projects in different stages of development creating a unique space for synergies and opportunities for all of them. But an incubator is in itself a company where investors participate over time and get also specific opportunities to invest in companies they like within the incubator’s portfolio. We decrease the risk for the investor, because we diversify investing in different areas and keeping a portfolio of projects in different stages, all of them with high growth potential. We also help funds to identify projects that have already been incubated, and therefore already have a proven business model and a sound management in place, cooperating with them make successful investment in first, second and third rounds. http://www.dad-asia.com/

About Z. H. STUDIO: Z. H. STUDIO is a media and marketing consultancy headquartered in Beijing and with office in Shanghai. Working with globe-wide media partners, as well as conference planners and research institutions, Z. H. STUDIO provides proprietary China-business reports, studies and resources. It also offers the clients customized, advisory services in global marketing and media campaigns. Please visit www.zhstudio.net.

Zamil Akhtar