ITdistri Launches the First IT Distribution Guide in Maghreb

Thanks to its 15 years of presence on the French market, ITdistri launches the first IT distribution guide in Maghreb. This guide aims to help local resellers in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia to work more easily with all potential distributors…

Paris, France, March 08, 2012 --( ITdistri has launched at the beginning of March 2012 the first edition of the IT distribution guide in Maghreb. This guide is built on the same model of the French distributor guide ITdistri edits since 1996, now in partnership with Partenaire Média Publishing, the editor of the channel magazine EDI, and which is sent yearly to about 15000 French resellers. The Maghreb IT distribution guide will be made available to more 3500 IT resellers in the three main French-speaking Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia). It contains all data about 202 distributors, semi-distributors, brokers, traders and VADs, whether local or international working in the region.

"Despite the interest raised by these countries among vendors, editors and distributors, there was until now no channel-oriented media which would allow businesses to have a global view on distribution channels in Maghreb. Thanks to its 15-year experience on French market with the IT distribution guide, ITdistri has decided to enter this market, with a unique, value-added guide, in partnership with major IT vendors like Eaton, Iiyama, Iomega, Kaspersky Lab, Oki or VMware," Alain Godet, ITdistri’s founder, says.

Thanks to the IT distribution guide in Maghreb, Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian resellers now have an aid to give them information about their local distributors, as well as about several foreign distributors (from Belgium, Dubai, Egypt, France, Germany, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden or the United Kingdom) which either have distribution contracts for this region, or have dedicated teams able to answer to their needs: "some vendors cover Maghreb only from foreign countries. But it is often difficult to identify the distributors. This guide is there to help them," explains Alain Godet.

Available to download as a 100-page long PDF file, the first edition of the IT distribution guide in Maghreb has been unveiled directly by mailing to 3500 local resellers. An advertising campaign will also be done in local IT magazines, to broaden the target. "Local resellers and IT distributors mentioned in the guide will have a free access to the guide. Any other company interested in this region will have to buy it for €249, either in French or English version, either directly through ITdistri or through press partners," Alain Godet concludes.

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